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Felting Equipment

Bring new life to an old sweater by embellishing it or create original works of art from scratch - all with needle felting!

Felting Fibers | Felting Kits - the quick and easy solution!

Clover Felting Needle Mat

Smooth punching goes quickly on a brush-like mat. This mat is useful when doing needle felting appliqué. Ideal for large fancy work pieces like sweaters and scarves. Mat measure 6.5" X 4.5".

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Clover Felting Needle Refill Fine Weight

Fine Gauge replacement needles for the clover Felting Needle tool. Five needles per package.

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Clover Felting Needle Refill Heavy Weight

Heavy Gauge replacement needles for the clover Felting Needle tool. 5 per package.

Item Number: 68861060 $7.75    Add

Clover Felting Needle Tool

Clover felting needle tool comes with 4 needles so you can use from 1 to 4 needles depending on the size of your project. Spring loaded protective sleeve to protect you from the sharp needles. Perfect for flat, sculptural or appliqués.

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2 ea - 3 and 8 barb 32 gauge felting needles.

Specialty needles which were created for industry and have been adopted by the hand artist. They are specially coated so they won’t rust. Two needles have 3 barbs on 2 sides, and two needles have 8 barbs on one side. 32 gauge (Coarse)

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Felting Needle Holder by Kick the Moon Farm

Give your felting needles, or pins, a proper resting place in the grassy meadows of a hand painted, hand felted needle holder. Handmade by Kick teh Moon Farm ceramic container, just the right depth for felting needles, is decorated with a picturesque scene of sheep grazing in a green meadow blanketed by a blue sky with billowy white clouds. The felted center, for holding your needles, is made to resemble the grassy meadow. It is certain to be a favorite among all fiber lovers. Made in Maine.

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4 - 38 gauge 3 barb Triangular Felting Needles

Package of 4 3-barb 38 gauge needles. Good general purpose neeles for sculptual work. If you only want to buy one type needle this is the one to purchase.

Item Number: 68860400 $4.95    Add
Available in the following variants:

4 - 38 gauge Star Felting Needles -pink label

Package of 4 - 38 gauge star felting needles. Barbs are at the very tip and are shallow so are good for fine detail.

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4 - 40 gauge Triangular Felting Needles

Package of 4 - 40 gauge felting needles. A fine gauge needle for detail work and fine fibers

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Needle Felting Attachment for Sewing Machine

Convert your own sewing machine into a felting machine. Comes with adapter and piece of dense foam. Some adapting is necessary to make your sewing machine into a felting machine. Please do not use your good sewing machine for this purpose.

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9" X 8" Needle Felting Pad

Help prevent nasty needle sticks and broken needles by using a felting pad. This foam felting pad provides a working surface into which the needle can penetrate while you work. 9" x 8" x 2" thick.

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1 or 2 Needle Felting Tool

Ease hand fatigue with this light weight, hand tooled aluminum needle felting holder. Holds 1 or 2 needles of any size. Use for needle felting a small or large area. Screws apart for easy needle changing. Includes 2, 38-gauge needles.

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6 Prong Aluminum Felting Needle Tool

Hand-tooled, light weight aluminum multi-needle tool holds six felting needles. Screw off top makes needle changing a breeze. Finely machined holes hold needles tightly allowing for no needle movement when felting. Handle designs provide for a variety of holding options. Includes 6-38 gauge triangular point felting needles.

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16 Prong Felting Needle Tool

Four prong felting needle holder for felting small flat pieces. Replace needles easily by removing knob and prying two flat wooden pieces apart. 38 gauge needles are included.

Item Number: 68860200 $20.00    Add
Available in the following variants: