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by: Sierra Roberts

Falkland Aran yarn crush: New arrival Debbie Bliss Falkland Aran yarn on sale for limited time

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I’ve fallen in love with Debbie Bliss Falkland Aran - Organic Merino Yarn.  Not that I’m that hard a sell, usually. But I think you might fall in love with it too once you check it out! That’s because not only is this yarn beautiful to look at, it also has a beautiful story. The Falkland Islands are widely known for producing some of the highest quality wool in the world. In fact, I recently read that every bit of land on these islands is used as pasture for… you guessed it, sheep.  Not only are the islands a friendly habitat for our woolly friends, but they’re also home to an abundance of animal life from birds to fish. I mean, I’m a little jealous of the sheep below, chillin’ with Megallanic penguins and geese. Looks like someone took the most beautiful rolling sheep pastures and dumped them in the middle of a brightly colored ocean. Those sheep are luuu-cky.  Well, the wool this yarn is made of comes straight from that paradise.


Sure, the setting is lovely.  But those sheep are especially happy because they are allowed to roam free, all over the giant sheep pasture islands where humans just happen to also live. The sheep are never dragged back in to treat with chemicals (it’s not uncommon for farmers to spray the sheep, or have them swim through a “dip” of pesticides and other chemicals to ward off a variety of ailments). The only time they come in is when it’s time to be sheared.

Isn’t that a great story? I feel like such a nerd for saying this, but after writing and reading more about the Falkland Islands I am DYING to go there. Work trip, anyone? Anyway, dream vacations aside – these people take great care of their sheep and the Debbie Bliss team knows that means the wool is top-tier. Offered in a beautiful color palette that initially draws you in, you’re not disappointed when you do the “pinch” test. This is an incredibly soft wool, and not even a blend at that. 100% super soft happy sheep’s wool.

Debbie Bliss also released a little book of patterns to go along with the yarn, the Debbie Bliss Pure Bliss - Falkland Aran book. Drawing from traditional cabled and textured designs, the patterns in this book are wonderfully modern. The Cable Jacket that’s featured on the cover is actually my favorite. It’s made of seemingly mismatched pieces, each featuring their own cable pattern. When put together, it makes a beautifully modern, unexpectedly simple jacket.

59221536-g 59221536-f 59221536-e 59221536-d 59221536-c 59221536-b

This yarn and the patterns that go with it are part of the Debbie Bliss Pure Bliss Collection, which also includes Lhasa, a cashmere/yak blend. Although the Lhasa is stunning in its own right, the Falkland Aran is far from overshadowed. But I’ll tell you more about Lhasa later…  For now, catch the Falkland Aran while it’s on sale!

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by: Sierra Roberts

Exciting new book- Urban Knit Collection by Kyle Kunnecke

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It feels like I come across something new, exciting and inspirational here on a weekly basis. Convenient for this newsletter, right? I swear it’s just a lucky coincidence. This week, I was trucking through the shop and stopped dead in my tracks when I caught sight of this new book, Urban Knit Collection by Kyle Kunnecke.


This wrap, which is shown on the book’s cover, is unlike any I’ve seen in a VERY long time. Inspired by urban architecture (I immediately see an Art Deco influence, which is so cool), this complex showpiece uses a technique called “locked floats”. These make it so the back side of the wrap isn’t a mess of carried strands. Instead, it looks almost woven!  Don’t worry – the book includes detailed instructions on how to do this. Not only that, but I love the designer’s way of explaining things. His notes are so friendly and inviting, reading through this book made me smile more than once.

That fact probably isn’t surprising for anyone who is familiar with Kyle Kunnecke’s work. Having devoted a large part of his life to helping people in one way or another, Kunnecke has used his art and creativity to bring people together for many good causes. You should check out his bio on his website,  I don’t know him, but I think this dude is super awesome and I adore his work.

Anyway, let me tell you a little more about this book!  It’s full of unique goodies and I’m really impressed by the color work; Kunnecke has designed some truly bold, one-of-a-kind pieces here.  Ok, and let’s be honest- I’ve turned down many a pattern because of intimidating charts. Kunnecke is on to that, though, and has some very reassuring words about it. In fact, after reading the book through I felt like a completely different knitter, ready to tackle even the cruelest looking charts.

Not that everything is fancy stranded color work, though.  Which brings me to this:


I can’t even contain myself, I love this piece so much. It is so impressive and bold and stunning and cool! I want one so badly, I’ve considered stopping every other project I have going so I can make this for myself. And I love how it’s constructed; to look at it, you’d assume it was a bunch of strips sewn together. But it’s not!  It begins at the longest edge, and the stripes are worked simultaneously as you continue through the pattern. I won’t give it all away, but I can assure you that Kunnecke’s instructions are incredibly easy to follow. Did I mention, I love this designer?

Phew. I’m a little worn out from all this enthusiasm. Not too worn out to fantasize about what yarn I’d use for these projects, though… I think the wrap on the cover would knit up beautifully in Swans Island Fingering Organic Merino Wool Yarn. Their colors are so lovely, it’d be hard to choose just two. And the Apollo Wrap shown above would be so wearable in Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool Yarn. There are a ton of colors to choose from, and that would be a wonderfully warm and comfortable piece to wear. I think I’ve got some planning ahead of me…


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by: Kate Comaskey

Mark Your Calendars! Open House Is On Its Way!

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Halcyon’s Annual Fall Open House is right around the corner and we can’t wait to see you! Join us on Saturday, October 8th, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm as we celebrate fall, the fiber arts, and the kick off to our 45th Anniversary. We will have demonstrators, refreshments and, of course, loads of savings. You’ll see weaving, fiber blending, felting, rug hooking, lucet braiding and more!

Our Open House sale takes place both in-store and online so don’t worry if you can’t book a last minute ticket to Maine. Come on down and bring you family and friends… there’s something for all ages, including hands-on felting and a chance to try your hand at weaving. Make a day of it and enjoy the Autumnfest celebration in downtown Bath, as well!

Nothing says fall like a crisp day full of fiber and cider. See you soon!


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by: barbara

August Winner

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Congratulations are in order!

Anne G. from Englewood, FL is the winner of the August drawing for a $10 Halcyon Yarn gift certificate coupon.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to give us feedback. We really appreciate it. Please keep your comments coming.

Remember, you could be a winner too. Each time you place an order you’ll receive a  “WIN” Ticket  or an on-line feedback survey. Respond to either and you’ll automatically be entered in our monthly, quarterly and year end drawing (see the link for complete details).

by: Sierra Roberts

Fall in love with mitts? Whole Wide World Fingerless Mitts knitting pattern is here!

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Juniper Moon Farm Herriot Fine Yarn is, in a word, awesome.  It’s super soft (75% alpaca, 25% polyamide), the colors are great, and that little bit of nylon in there is perfect for adding some durability to such a luxe fiber.


This yarn is undeniably good for socks (and darn nice ones at that!) but I had something different in mind. I really wanted a pair of slouchy, color blocked fingerless mitts. Introducing the Whole Wide World - Fingerless Mitts! Available as a download too: Whole Wide World - Fingerless Mitts Download!


I decided to make them flat on straight needles, sewing up the sides at the end. I did this primarily because I wanted the seam to give the piece a tiny bit more structure. These are meant to be relatively loose fitting, and I didn’t want them to constantly be bunching up around my wrists. The seams give just enough stability to keep that from happening.

Once I knit up the first pair and saw how much yarn was left, I decided to make another set. My husband was so enamored with first pair, I decided to make the second set for him. These will go in the hat/mitten/scarf bin this winter, and I guarantee we will be fighting over who gets to wear them. The good news is, you and your loved one won’t have to fight because at 461 yards a skein there’s plenty of yarn to make mitts for both of you, and then some!

My original intent with this pattern was rather sappy and romantic (thus I named it after my favorite song about love). I love the thought of buying two skeins of a beautiful yarn and having just enough yardage to make two pairs of mitts – perfect for you and your partner. But let’s be serious: it’s almost gift giving time. Whether you celebrate the winter holidays or just enjoy giving lovingly handmade gifts to your friends and family, these mitts are great!


The pattern includes instructions for a color blocked version and a striped version. Play with colors and see what you come up with! And when they’re finished, post a photo of them on Instagram and tag us (@halcyonyarn) – we’d love to see what you made!

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Need Felting Tools that Rule? New additions are bold and beautiful!

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We already knew and loved the quality of the   6 Needle Felting Tool - Aluminum and the 1 or 2 Needle Felting Tool - Aluminum, so when given the opportunity to add the 10 and 20 needle options it was an easy decision. Imagine engaging 10-20 needles with every depression. What a time saver. Ideal for large surface areas and the final locking of fibers in more detailed projects like the Folk Art Sheep Needle Felting Kit and the Rooster Needle Felting Kit.


Next up are two needle holders from Ashford. The beautiful Silver Beech hardwood handle, 5-needle punch is super comfortable to hold. The Student Felting Needle Punch 3-needle is a great value. Both conveniently store the needles in the handle shaft when not in use. Love that feature!

Last but not least is the Felting Needle Grip, a single needle holder, ideal for use with any size felting needle and offers the ability to easily change out needles as needed. Highly recommended to reduce hand fatigue. Felting Needle Grip with needle.

If you’d like help deciding which is right  for you, just give us a call. Happy felting!

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by: Beth

Get Your Knitting Gear for Holiday Projects

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It’s time to get organized for your holiday knitting and crocheting projects this season.  Take inventory of your hooks & needles and get the items you need while there’s still time!

Knitters – No more searching for needles with these interchangeable sets. Keep your needles close, tidy and easy to find.


Check out our complete selection of straight needles, double pointed needles and circular needles as well.

Crocheters, too!  Convenient crochet sets are available along with a variety of single hooks.


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by: Kate Comaskey

Baa-baah-back to school sale

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It’s still sunny and warm in Maine, but those crisp hints of fall are making an appearance. Help us celebrate this Back-To-School season with a 10% discount off everything! Time to try some felted kits and other projects? New fibers? Get a loom?!

It’s our way of making the transition back a bit easier and adding some creativity to your fall routine. We’d especially like to say thank you to those who make the fiber arts a part of the classroom. Whether it is through arts and crafts projects, felted figures, or knitted blankets that you might cuddle up with in a reading (or knitting) nook, fiber arts for students are a great addition. But this sale is open to all – grab some great supplies and share the warm fuzzy fun!

Now, whether you teach or not, it’s important to have something just for you. Teachers, be sure to get a lil somethin’ to work on that has nothing to do with writing lesson plans… For those without a classroom, now that the kids or grandkids are back in school and things are suddenly bit quieter around the house – it’s time for a project!

Maybe (like me) autumn is your favorite time of year and you want to celebrate with something different and new… Or maybe you want to distract yourself from the fact that certain seasons beyond fall do, in fact, exist (I’m looking at you, winter). Check out some of our favorites, or see where the autumn wind takes you!

My favorite? These kits get me every time:

Some more great kid-friendly supplies:


P.S. Attention all educators: Keep an eye out this winter for some new ways we’ll be helping you bring the fiber arts into your classrooms!

*Code details: Valid through Monday, Sept 5th, 11:59:00pm EST, excludes gift certificates, special orders, and bulk price three items.

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