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by: Susan

Does anybody ever win that darn thing anyway?

Gift CertificatesEver noticed the blue survey card that comes in your order? Have you tossed it aside, thinking, “I’ve never even heard of anyone winning one of the prizes anyway?” Well, the truth is we value those cards a lot, just as we value your input into all that we do. They’re an important way for us to evaluate and improve how we do things, and we always love to hear back from folks. So, we wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the tons and tons of folks who do return the cards. And, oh yeah, people really do win stuff – just look at the list from the last year:

First, the $10 winners:
Jean Jacobson
Carol Harvey
Laurel Hayama
Bob Carr
Paula Bottomley
Larraine Spector
Susan Rizzo
Jeanne Smith
Avima Darnov
Mary Lee
Janet Colville

And then there are the $25 winners:
Susan Bulk
Mavis Pacchioli
Ann Bont
Mary Ann Wendell

And finally the Grand Prize $50 Winner:
Lois Koenig

Congratulations to all!

Thanks again to all who order, and to all who have returned the cards!

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