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Needle felting photos


So, perhaps others have seen this before – but it popped up on our radar and seemed like an easy, fun, whimsical way to spend a rainy afternoon (we’ve had our fair share of rain in Maine this spring!). Might need a set of 2 ea - 3 and 8 barb 32 gauge felting needles., and perhaps take a gander at a ton of great felting fibers.

Tapestry weaving is so hot right now!

maryanne Moodie8.GarryFabianMiller_DovecotTapestryStudio_GFMtapestrysampl


Well, apparently it is in Toronto according to this thoughtful article…  and Brooklyn where Maryanne Moodie is based, she has 60,000 Instagram followers… And in the UK and Scandanavia as well, according to the Telegraph. Which is very very cool. While holding steady, we haven’t really seen a surge in tapestry interest locally, but are hoping this trend will spread – because tapestry is so wonderfully flexible and creative! It sometimes takes a few years for Maine to catch up with the “latest trends” anyway, hehe! Share with us if you’re having fun with tapestries. Hmmm… thinking I might need a tapestry loom or frame loom?


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We have a great line-up of classes this summer and fall, and now’s a great time to plan ahead… before the New England summer season sweeps by in a whirl-wind as it seems so often to do!

Why not kick off the Summer right with a great new intro to spinning class? We are so excited to welcome Linda Clutterbuck as a teacher at Halcyon Yarn. We have heard rave reviews and know that this will be a wonderful and fun way to get started spinning. If you’ve had an interest, this is the perfect opportunity to spend two Saturdays (June 20 & 27) with Linda and gain a solid foundation for a life long pursuit. LTS

If you are signed up to receive our good-old-fashioned class mailings, you’ll be receiving a refrigerator-postable list of upcoming classes soon. If your refrigerator is feeling lonely and you’re not signed up but would like to be, give us a call at 1-800-341-0282 and we’ll be happy to sign you up. In the mean time, here’s a preview:


We’re eagerly anticipating our August Fiber Craft Fair. We had many requests for information when we were hanging out at FiberFrollic, so we’re posting this info early… We have a lot of customers visiting from out of state (August is a GREAT time to visit Maine) so wanted to give everyone an opportunity to mark you calendars!

The Fiber Craft Fair is run in conjunction with this year’s (sold out, but we have a waiting-list) FiberME tour, can’t wait to see everyone there!


Participating fiber artists:


The Orwell Scarf/Shawl - FlyWHEEL Pattern by Harrisville Designs is the latest sample to be completed and on display here in the shop.  Barbara combined Silver lake, Nelson and Barn Door in FlyWheel Yarn by Harrisville Designs to showcase the unique design of the tri-color scarf. The scarf is knit in two pieces starting with the lace edge then continues in garter stitch to the center, then the two halves are grafted together.


The lace pattern is charted and easy to follow, a great project if you’re new to lace or chart reading. Color transitions in the garter stitch section keep it interesting for any knitter.  Once washed and blocked the real beauty of Orwell is revealed as the yarn softens and the lace details are accentuated.

With twenty beautifully heathered colors to choose from the possibilities are endless!  Or let us do the work for you and select from one of the following combinations… Click through for easy 1-click add-to-cart! Here they are:

Orwell Favorites #1:
Orwell Favorites #2:
Orwell Favorites #3:
Orwell Favorites #4:


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It’s going, going, gone for the Honey Cowl Redux knitting kit.  On sale for $23.75, regular price $27.95 – with three color combinations to choose from it’s worth picking up one or two or more!  It’s perfectly portable for your summer road trip, or stash it for later (holiday gift?). Two fabulous yarns combine in this luxurious cowl. Don’t miss out!  SALE! Honey Cowl Kit - Smoky Granite, SALE! Honey Cowl Kit - Berry Sorbet, [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]



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Our favorite [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] is back!* Not long ago we had the disappointing news it would no longer be available. Search as we may, would couldn’t find a reasonably priced ball winder we liked as much. Then as luck would have it, one of our supplier said they had some stock left. HURRAY! So now is the time to purchase a ball winder. Once this model is gone, it’s gone for good.

[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]
[Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock]

*Available while supplies last.

Excited about knitting for your team? We’ve heard a lot about this lately. But then yesterday a fellow staff member remarked “but, ugh, but how could I find Seattle Seahawks colors? We have like 5,000 yarn colors”…

The answer is in this video. The links to the team-color-match tool for each league are below. Check out this video first on finding your team colors in yarn:


Then click on your league to get started:

Truth be told, I had to laugh when nobody on staff new about our sports-team yarn-color matcher tool. Isn’t that the way I guess? We’ve had this published for several weeks, and the team color matcher has had some use… but not a lot, and not a lot of feedback either. That’s why I put together the quick video above to introduce it, and how to use it. It seemed to find Seahawks colors well enough to generate enthusiasm :-)

We have a lot of yarn, and finding matching colors can be hard / overwhelming with thousands of options… But it doesn’t have to be hard! Hope that the tool is useful to some, and please comment or contact me with feedback.

Any weavers or crocheters want to take up the call? Have a rigid heddle that you could devote to the cause for a seasson? We’d love to see some team-colors weaving and crochet projects too… Thanks and have a good season, and lots of fun weaving, crocheting, and knitting!

Portrait of Amos
by: Amos

When weaving is a big deal


New Delhi TV has an interesting report on the effort of Sari weavers  and designers to update their wares to compete with global markets. Perhaps most striking, other than the details of the weavers struggles, is the importance of weaving to New Delhi in general. It’s a very different perspective – we just don’t have weavers protesting in the streets here in Maine! (unfortunately, they have been in New Delhi) Weaving really is a bridge across cultures, even if it’s role in individual cultures is tremendously different…

Sorry, we don’t have patterns…


But we do have huge respect for this Aussie knitter! His Instagram feed is inspirational!

Knitting as a lens for language in Iceland


Knitting has been growing in popularity in Iceland of late, sparking a rush to adapt the Icelandic language to modern techniques. This Public Radio piece is a fascinating examination of the ways that languages are a link to the past, how they evolve (or remain static), and the ways that changes can be planned vs organic… All through the lens of knitting jargon, super fun!

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