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Calling all fiber artists!  The fiber community needs your feedback.  Please take 10 minutes to complete the TNNA Fiber Arts 2016 Survey, part of a major study of US knitters, crocheters, cross-stitchers, weavers and spinners.

By taking this survey you will:

*Help fiber arts organizations and businesses serve your better.

*Tell retailers and brands what you want.

*Explore your fiber arts life.

*Get the chance to win one of five $100 fiber arts store gift cards.

The survey results will be available to non-profit fiber arts advocacy groups and TNNA members in mid-2016.  TNNA is an association of hundreds of independent and family-owned fiber arts brands and retailers.  Please take the TNNA Fiber Arts 2016 Survey today!

The TNNA Fiber Arts 2016 Sweepstakes Rules.  Survey closes February 15, 2016.


Weaving with atom-wide fibers


No word on how they warped their loom, but scientists at UC Berkley have woven materials from helical organic threads, a first. This is weaving with atoms, and that’s kinda crazy. Applications may include carbon capture and storage, manufacturing of novel plastics and fuels, computing, as well as making materials that are very strong and flexible. Sorry, we are not offering 100,000,000 DPI reeds just yet.

Knitting a healthy life


We’ve posted on the health benefits of knitting and other fiber-arts before, but we found this article in the New York Times to be a nice reminder and great overview. It’s also a great way to inspire others to give fiber arts a try, and to count your time with yarn as time well spent!


Did you resolve to get organized this year? Are your project bags overflowing?  Get it together with Walker Knitting Bag - (black, fuchsia, orange) and Walker Zip Case - (orange, fuchsia) on sale for a limited time at 15% off*.  The large project bag, on sale for $72.99, will store multiple skeins, has 3 exterior pockets, 3 interior pockets and a top toggle closure.  The convenient zipper tote, sale price $31.99, holds full size patterns and the additional pocket is perfect for smaller bits and pieces.  Both bags are constructed of durable mesh and proudly made in the USA.  Available in vibrant coordinating colors, treat yourself to a set!  Makes a great gift for fiber enthusiasts, crafters and teachers, too.



*Sale price expires Wednesday January 27th 11:59pm EST, no additional discounts apply.



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Twist Collective is a free online magazine for knitters and yarn enthusiasts and if you haven’t checked it out yet make sure you do! Each online issue features beautiful designs as well as informative fiber related reviews, articles & tips all wrapped up in an organized, easy to navigate format.  All patterns are available to purchase as downloads directly from Twist Collective.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have twenty original patterns featuring our Signature Yarns offered in Twist Collective issues .  We’re able to extend those Twist Collective premier patterns as printed, full color, glossy leaflets.  Take a peek at these patterns paired with our Signature Yarns and you’re sure to find your Winter knitting project!


Featuring Botanica Yarn:

Botanica Yarn



Featuring Block Island Blend Yarn:
Block Island Blend Yarn
           Twist Collective Printed Pattern Lumen in Block Island Blend


Featuring 2/12 Gemstone Silk Yarn and 2/5 Gemstone Silk Yarn:

2/12 Gemstone Silk Yarn



Featuring Victorian 2-Ply Wool Yarn:

Victorian 2-Ply Wool Yarn



Featuring Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn
Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn
Twist Collective Printed Pattern Haussmann Wrap Top in Newport Linen

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There are so many great benefits to print: batteries never run low, so easy to “bookmark”, and no distractions from shiny-internet-things. Halcyon Yarn is your primary source for printed copies of the Interweave Spin-Off Ebooks.  These are theme related booklets comprised of previously published articles and patterns. Spin-Off Magazine has long been a trusted resource for new spinners and veterans alike, so there’s no doubt there’s a collection you’ll find invaluable. Themes range from a specific fiber, a collection of patterns, a specific technique, to a collection of articles by a trusted authority in the spinning world. We have several booklets currently available with more to come. Take a look.



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Portrait of Amos
by: Amos

Weaving emotion into your work


For many of us, it’s difficult to imagine spending 12 hours a day, for over two years, on a single work of weaving. That is what it takes for the traditional Kani Shawl artisans in Kashmir. Luckily for us, Qamoos  Bukhari has chronicled the work and works of a dwindling number of Kani Shawl artisans. A fascinating window into his work is available at the Style Saloniste, well worth a visit for a fascinating read and stunning photography.

Portrait of Kendra
by: Kendra


Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - Singles - Winter - Issue 11 has arrived. That’s right, our favorite magazine in the spinning world has released its newest issue. This time around it’s all about “singles”.


There’s a lot to know about these unplied strands. Just how much twist is right for the fiber you’re spinning and the project for which it’ll be used? Oh, that critical bias point… Which method of spinning is best for a singles yarn? Why spin a singles? What’s the best way to set the twist? How will a singles yarn behave in weaving, naalbinding, tatting, knitting? Don’t miss out on this latest issue of PLY. As always it’s filled with a wealth of information. No doubt, it will find a permanent place in your bookshelf.


Remember, Halcyon Yarn stocks back issues of Ply.


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Now is the time to try Bear Creek by Kraemer Yarn a big, beautiful American wool!  We’re offering a special introductory price* of $17.50 per skein now through Wednesday January 20th, regular skein price $19.60.

Bear Creek is a super bulky single plied with a fine nylon binder.  Each skein is a delicious blend of color just waiting to be knit, crocheted or woven into your next vibrant creation.  With a knitting gauge at 2 stitches per inch it’s ideal for quick knits like The Big Easy Cowl.  One skein is all it takes and the pattern is FREE with the yarn purchase, just make sure to add the pattern to your shopping cart!  Also available as a download .  Accent your Big Easy Cowl with big buttons:




Explore the sweet colors of Bear Creek and a great price!  Hint: color 1833 Green Tea was used in the cowl photo.  Weavers – use Bear Creek in your weft to add texture as it’s not suitable for warp.



*Introductory price expires 11:59pm EST 1/20/2016, no additional discounts apply.

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