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Inspirational collaboration


Some inspirational weaving being done in Queens by husband and wife team Mark Barrow and Sarah Parke. Playing with colorspaces, using traditional weaving and hand applied color modifications after weaving is done, and even “reweaving”, they’re producing beautiful pieces that are sought and displayed the world over. Great summary of their efforts in Architectural Digest. For anyone close to NYC, their current exhibit runs through Oct 25th, at Elizabeth Dee Gallery.

Dancing, Weaving


Intrigued to see an interesting looking modern dance interpretation of traditional weaving cultures, researched and choreographed by award winning artist Peter Chin. Though it’s premier in Toronto (see video) has passed, it is set to tour internationally. Some interesting reading and specially commissioned essays are available for all, and of particular interest if you get a chance to see the performance!

Feel better with fiber? Weave away worries? Research says yes!


Ann Collier, from Northern Arizona State University, has been doing some serious research on how healing fiber arts and other “making things” activities can be for mental health. How helpful? Her results indicate very helpful! Fun interview (and transcript) with her here, and her research is listed here.


Warm hands equals warm hearts – that’s what they say – so warm up with our NEW Snuggly Stuffed Mitten Kits!  We’ve paired Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn with wool roving to create new color combinations for fall and winter.  The bulky weight yarn knits up quickly and the roving is knit directly into the mitten to create a super soft, heavenly layer for your hands.  Great to give and even better to wear.  Snuggle up! 


Kits include the yarn, fiber and pattern (sized for women and men), size 9 double point needles required.


If your stash is already full of yarn and roving –  Snuggly Stuffed Mitten - Pattern download is a fun project with endless color possibilities!

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The wait is over. The newest issue of Ply - The Magazine for Handspinners - Texture - Autumn - Issue 10 is here! This time around the focus is on texture. What an awe inspiring, not to mention totally fun, topic within the spinning world. Whether you’re drawn to textured yarn because of its captivating, amazing art like appearance or the intriguing mechanics behind its construction, one thing is for sure, learning the techniques and mastering the skills to create textured art yarn will make you a better hand spinner. No doubt you’ll gain a better understanding of yarn structure and learn the limits of what fiber can do. It’s a definite to add to your spinning repertoire.


Achieving textured yarn is explored through several different approaches, including preparation, corespinning, inspiration, on a spindle and through plying. A wide range of mediums are also covered, such as gold, feathers, seeds, fabric, copper and tweed. You’ll also see great examples of textured yarns used in knitting and weaving. As always, we love and appreciate the sections on history and ergonomics. So go ahead, pick up a copy and jump start your creativity.

Want to learn more about textured art yarn? Check out Spin Art, Get Spun and Hand Spun New Spins on Traditional Techniques.


Don’t forget we carry back issues of PLY.



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Beautifully handcrafted Maine made pottery yarn bowls are back in stock just in time for early bird holiday shopping!

Individually made in Dresden, Maine by TB Pots, these yarn bowls will cradle your yarn and keep it free of tangles while being a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Two options for keeping your yarn tamed: threading your yarn through the round eye ensures that unruly balls will *definitely* stay in the bowl… Great for really unruly fibers, but a pretty high degree of commitment to using the bowl until the yarn runs out. Alternately, draping the yarn through the deep hooked slot on the side is our favorite (and the more common) way of use the bowls. The hook really works to keep yarn flowing freely, yet it’s still easy to grab your project and go if you want. Available in three rich, earthy colors – a great gift for any fiber enthusiast!


Add luxurious Swans Island Worsted Organic Merino Wool Yarn for a spectacular Maine made treat for your favorite fiber person – or yourself!


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From the yarn keeps you young department104-year-old-crochet-yarn-bomber

I’d like to be yarn bombing at 104. Grace Bret makes it look pretty fun in this short video. Crochet is important to Bret, she’s a prolific crocheter and a social crocheter. She really enjoys hanging out with her young friends in her knitting group, even if they’re kids almost, not much more than half her age… in their 60’s :-)

Verified: Cashmere from Kashmir


We all know the value of something that is hand spun, and then hand knit, crocheted, or woven. We also know that many people the world over support their families with hand made goods. Here is an interesting look at a project in Kashmir to certify shawls as hand-made and pure cashmere. One way to tell? Look for the nylon. Amazingly, machines can’t weave pure cashmere – it’s just too fine. The effort is promising to protect the livelihoods of traditional shawl producers in the region, by certifying their goods as authentically hand made, and then tagging them with unique “nano-technology” ID and tracking tags. Interesting stuff, which also happens to make us want to knit with cashmere… Hint hint: Jade Sapphire Cashmere 2-ply is a Mongolian delight :-)

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Plymouth Linaza yarn – Another beautiful new yarn at an introductory price!

Plymouth Linaza is an extraordinary new yarn featuring an intriguing blend of alpaca, tencel and linen.  The softness of alpaca carries the rustic texture of linen while the tencel adds sheen.  These three fibers combine into a slightly heathered and luxurious yarn ideal for shawls, wraps and lightweight sweaters.  Linaza knits best at a slightly loose gauge with elegant drape and feel.

Now is the time to try Linaza at the introductory price of $14.39 per skein through October 2nd.*



One skein is all it takes for the free Linaza Shawl download, shown above. Feeling more adventurous? Try one of the following Linaza patterns:

Linaza Women's Asymmetrical Cardigan: The perfect year round layer! Requires 2-5 skeins on size 6 needles.

Linaza 2 Color Shawl: Pick two colors and create this lovely crescent shaped shawl. One skein each and size 8 needles.

Linaza Paneled Shawl: Make a statement with this dramatic lace shawl! Two skeins and size 8 needles.

*Introductory price expires Friday October 2nd at midnight EST.  No other discounts apply.

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Embrace the fall season with this spectacular new yarn Juniper Moon Moonshine Chunky!  It’s everything we love about Juniper Moon Moonshine now in a sumptuous chunky weight.  We’re offering Moonshine Chunky at an introductory price of $16.65 per skein now through October 2nd*!



Juniper Moonshine chunky colors:


Save a bundle AND bundle up for fall with these cozy knits… Ponchos are back and bigger than ever! Uses 7 – 10 skeins.  Hermite Poncho Short on time?  This cowl knits on a jiffy with the yarn held doubled. Three skeins.  Eclipse Cowl



Pick a color combo for this fun hat and mitten set! One skein each, two colors.  Mare Hat and Mittens This will be your go-to cardi for chilly days! Requires 7 – 12 skeins.  Tidal Cardigan


*Introductory price expires Friday October 2nd at midnight EST.  No other discounts apply.

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by: Kendra


In an attempt to teach herself some good old fashion follow through in life, artist, Jessica Peill-Meininghaus, embarked on a year long journey of engaging in a daily practice. And what might that be? Making a little itty bitty felted gnome of course. Just think 365 gnomes. The Gnome Project - one woman's wild and woolly adventure chronicles this engaging and always entertaining adventure that occurred amidst a move cross-country with four children to a new “fixer-upper” home in Maine.


It’s a delightful and easy read and you don’t have to be a fiber enthusiast to appreciate the message. Insight and inspiration abound within the pages. I highly recommend this book. It will surely make you smile. Jessica even includes step-by-step instructions for you to needle felt your own gnome. Love the message, love the pictures, just love the book! Makes a great gift too.


For those of you coming to our Annual Halcyon Yarn Open House on Saturday October 10th, Jessica will be joining us for a book signing. Pick up a copy her book and see her enchanting gnomes in person, as well as some of her felted tapestries. We’re also working on having her teach a class here at Halcyon Yarn. Stay tuned…

All images courtesy of Jessica’s blog


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