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Halcyon Yarn News, Notes, & etc.

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Congratulations to Anita S. from Chandler, AZ our November winner of a $10 Halcyon Yarn gift certificate coupon.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to give us feedback. We really appreciate it. Please keep your comments coming.

Remember, you could be a winner too. Each time you place an order you’ll receive a  “WIN” Ticket  or an on-line feedback survey. Respond to either and you’ll automatically be entered in our monthly, quarterly and year end drawing (see the link for complete details).


Take advantage of great savings on sale yarns. You’ll find a little bit of this and a little bit of that. In some cases, they’re yarn lines being discontinued and in others cases they’re specific colors within a yarn line being discontinued. That means we’re still carrying the yarn, but the individual colors being highlighted will no longer be available. Quantities are limited so take advantage of these savings while they’re still around! Because we often have anywhere from 2 to 20 skeins, don’t hesitate to give us a call (just not Tuesday, Jan 27th, due to the, er, real blizzard), 1-800-341-0282, if you need a certain quantity for a specific project.

All sales final. These are discontinued yarns and/or colors for which we cannot take back orders. No additional discounts apply. Limited stock available.


Are you considering purchasing a Schacht floor loom, rigid heddle, boat shuttle, hand carders? Well, now is the time to make that order. It could save you a lot of money. We just got word Schacht prices will be going up 5%-7%. So as a courtesy we’re alerting our customers.

Any Schacht products ordered through this Thursday, January 29 2015 will receive the current price. That’s just days away so order quickly to save!

malabrigo-in-stock-11  malabrigo-in-stock-8

I think it’s fair to say that Malabrigo yarn is somehow intrinsically delightful. People are drawn to our shelves when they’re full of Malabrigo. If it has a down side, it’s that we sometimes have to wait for stock, pining away for the kettle dyed skeins to arrive.

Well, we’re enjoying some moments of fully stocked Malabrigo shelves. While it pains us to do so, we invite you to transfer this delight to your stash while the gettin’s good!


Without further ado, Malabrigo Yarns: Malabrigo Mecha ,   Malabrigo Merino Worsted Wool Yarn ,   Malabrigo Rasta ,   Malabrigo Rios Superwash Wool Yarn ,   Malabrigo Silky Merino Yarn .


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Snow day Tuesday! According to NWS “whiteout conditions will make travel extremely dangerous… if not impossible…. Do not travel..” So looks like we’ll be closed on Tuesday, Jan 27th, 2015. We’ll be keeping the stove going, knitting, weaving, shoveling, snacking and all other manner winter delights… but above all, staying close to home! Hope everyone has a cozy and safe day! (photo is of last year’s doozie of a blizzard here in Bath).

Note: you are welcome to place orders on-line on Tuesday (our MaineHost servers are getting cozy in Montreal, not predicted to be hit as severely). We won’t be picking and processing orders on Tuesday… but look forward to getting back into the swing of things on Wed., provided we can clear the snow :-)


Glitz and glamour abound in new Gatsby from Katia . Reminiscent of a bygone era, Gatsby shimmers in the light and is the premier choice for scarves, shawls and other dressy attire which requires a little sparkle. 


In the yarn world where most metallic sparkly yarns have a slightly scratchy feel, Gatsby defies logic. It’s amazingly soft and subtle. Entire garments can be knit or crocheted and in addition to looking good, they feel good too. Use alone or multi-strand with other yarns. Don’t forget Gatsby in your weaving. Excellent for warp or weft.


Looking for a fun free (with yarn purchase) pattern to try out Gatsby yarn? Give Chainette Scarf Pattern a try! It only requires 2 balls and is available as a download as well. Perfect for your evenings out in high society (or playing dress-up with kids!). Just a note, due to its slippery nature, it’s best to use Gatsby with Yarn Bras  or something to contain your ball of yarn.

77% Viscose, 15% Nylon, 8% metallic polyester. 129 yds per 50 gm ball. 6 sts per inch on size 5 needles. 8-10 tabby sett and 10-12 twill sett. Handwash, lay flat to dry.

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The fiber world is a tactile one in which the ability to touch, hold and inspire is always appreciated. It’s no wonder so many of us still love books, honest to goodness books with paper pages we can turn. At Halcyon Yarn we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of titles in a wide variety of fiber crafts. We’re constantly updating our selection. One of our newest titles really caught Ginny’s attention. She was kind enough to share her thoughts…

“Remember those reversible/inside out dolls where by turning the doll upside down a different doll was revealed?  The new Crochet Ever After   by Brenda Anderson has a Thumbelina version which reverses to a flower – cutest thing ever! This book simply screams out for imaginary play time. There is also a magical Unicorn coat, Fairy Princess dress, Big Bad Wolf mittens, Frog Prince hat,  and fierce Dragon scarf. Create your own family theater!”


Take a look at our other new arrivals.  For a description and to order simply click through on the image of the book cover.

Don’t forget Halcyon Yarn always offers 15% off books when you purchase 5 or more at one time. Did you see a new book (or “books”, plural) that caught your attention? Make a wish list of specialty fiber books and take advantage of the savings.



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Let the creative juices flow! Enter the Warmth of Mohair Blanket Design Competition and you could win a $2000 cash prize and a VIP Package to a future Vogue Knitting LIVE event. Mohair South Africa, the world leader in mohair production, in collaboration with Vogue Knitting, is sponsoring this exciting competition. So whether you’re an experienced designer or an aspiring one, start creating. Who knows, you could be a winner.


Here at Halcyon Yarn we’re big fans of mohair. Two of Halcyon’s Signature Yarns, Victorian Brushed Mohair Yarn and Victorian Boucle Yarn are a 74% mohair, 16% wool & 10% nylon blend. Both yarns are dyed in conjunction with Victorian 2-Ply Wool Yarn , offering an interchangeable color palette. They’re ideal for creative designs in which the different textures of the yarns or multi-strands are combined for stunning results.  Ahh… perfect yarns for the Warmth of Mohair Blanket Design Competition.

For full details of the contest go to VogueKnitting.com.

Visit the Mohair Council of America’s website, www.mohairusa.com, to learn more about mohair fiber.

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