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Halcyon Yarn News, Notes, & etc.

Making a wish list is quick and easy 

…And, if you make a wish list, you can:

Enter to win up to a $300 gift certificate!

The first step to enter is to make a wish list. Here is how:

  • Start by finding items you love – use the site search or site navigation menus
  • Click the “+Wishlist” button on individual product pages, or “+list” button on category pages
  • In the pop-up window, type the name of a new wish list, or select an existing list
  • Click “Save”, then close the pop-up
  • Search, or use site navigation to find your next item to add
  • Repeat until your list is done
  • That’s it!

Making the most of a wish list:



Wish – Share – Win!

Fiber artists are creative, unique and inspiring individuals, who have creative, unique and inspiring tastes, which can make buying a gift for a fiber artist a little tricky.  So – do your friends and family a favor and create your own Halcyon Yarn Wishlist!  Share your custom Wishlist via email, social media,  public blog or website to get the word out and you could even Win-Your-Wishlist!*

Anyone can make and share wish-lists on our website, just log in (accounts are free of course!) to get started. Halcyon is offering three Win-Your-Wishlist prizes. To enter, create a wish list (how-to / tips here), share it, and then let us know about it.

Here are the categories and prizes:

  • Blog / website share category, $300 gift certificate: One winner who has shared their inspiring wish list on their public blog/website. We are so SO indebted to the countless fiber-arts blogs out there with inspiring and helpful ideas, materials, how-to’s and more.  The grand prize is a way of thanking those who blog or have their own website, in recognition of the rewards that we find from this source. (If you would like to start your own blog/website, there are plenty of ways to do so for free: blogger, wordpress are two popular services. Try it, it’s fun!)
  • Social media share, $200 gift certificate: One winner who has shared their wish list publicly on social media. Social media is inspiring too! It’s quick and easy, and a great way to share inspiration
  • Public wish-list, $50 gift certificate: Two prizes to customers who simply create a public wish list on our site. Feel free to email this wish list to spouses, friends and relatives. There is even an easy “email” link for each wish-list so you can inspire others to create (or give them confidence to give a fiber-arts gift that will be adored)

To be eligible, the wish-lists must:

  • Be public and have descriptive text entered for its “name” and “description” fields.
  • For the social media and blog prizes, the wishlist must be shared publicly, and we need to be able to find it:
    • Blogs / your website: let us know the URL so we can check it out
    • Facebook: either post to your timeline and make the post “public”, or share to our facebook page so we can see it
    • Twitter: tag your tweet with #halcyonwishlist so we can find it
    • Pintrest: tag your pin with #halcyonwishlist so we can find it
  • You may enter up to three times:
    • enter one list that is eligible in up to three categories (share it multiple places!)
    • enter a separate list in each category
  • You must let us know about your entry by December 1st, 2014, by filling out this form

Criteria to win:

  • Winners will be selected by Halcyon Yarn staff. Staff will vote to determine the lists that are most inspiring in each category. We’ll be looking for lists that are original, creative, and make us want to create! Therefore, please use the list description to say why the item(s) you have put on your list are there, what would/will you make with them, and why you want/recommend them
  • Since Halcyon staff will be voting on entries, and staff will be recusing themselves from voting on entries that were posted by family or personal friends, local customers may wish to inquire before entering
  • Must let us know about your wishlist entry by Dec. 1st, 2014. We will review entries the following week, and announce a winner in a subsequent newsletter

To make your own wishlist just log-in to our site (user accounts are free of course!). Then visit individual yarn and equipment pages, where you should see a “+ wishlist” button. Click it to create and add items to as many lists as you like.

*The value of items on your list may be any amount; the “win your wish-list” prize will be in the form of  a Halcyon Yarn gift certificate, good for the amount of the prize for that category. Questions on details, how-to, or other? Contact Amos.

Visit our wish-list-entry page to participate. Have fun sharing and good luck!


For far flung fiber friends, free fare for fiber! AKA, free US Ground shipping on orders over $100!*

This is our holiday treat to you, our dedicated customers. The economics of it might not really work out for us, but we’re in the holiday spirit, and we want to share the fiber arts far and wide!

*Free US Ground shipping (we select UPS or USPS). Expedited and international shipping excluded. Offer also excludes oversize items, items requiring special handling, or special orders. Please call if you have questions 1-800-341-0282. Offer valid through 12/31/2014.


Halcyon Dollars are back and that means you get paid to shop! Who doesn’t like the sound of that, especially in the heart of the holiday season.

So go ahead and start earning Halcyon Dollars. It’s our way of wishing you “Happy Holidays” and giving you something to look forward to in the spring. Halcyon Dollars will be good for redemption in April, 2015. Remember Green Stamps? Halcyon Dollars: aka cash for cashmere, moolah for mohair, dinero for darning needles, bucks for (warping) boards, currency for (Addi-)Clicks, funds for fiber… Anyway, you get the picture!

Here’s how it works. Starting Saturday November 15th, 2014 through December 31st 2014, for every $50* (before tax and shipping) you spend with Halcyon Yarn (online, instore, phone), you’ll earn a $5 Halcyon Dollars Coupon to be used in April of 2015! The more you spend, the more you earn in Halcyon Dollars. For example, orders over $50 will earn $5 Halcyon Dollars, orders over $100 will earn $10 Halcyon Dollars, orders over $150 will earn $15 Halcyon Dollars and so on. We’ll put the coupon(s) in your order when it ships – save the codes for use in April! It’s that easy. Come April, if you’re feeling generous feel free to pass the Halcyon Dollars Coupons along to friends and family. They can be redeemed by anyone.

Make sure to put them in a safe place as you will need the code on the dollars to redeem in April. Please note Halcyon Yarn does not keep record of your individual codes, so without them, your dollars cannot be redeemed.

* Purchases at wholesale and Bulk Price 3 are not eligible.

Portrait of Amos
by: Amos
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Painter Alison Watt

This is mesmerizing. A great article, and great video from the Guardian on a monumental tapestry by Dovecot for Scottish Opera.




In some of the earliest writings to record the lives of youth, weaving apprenticeship played a central role, according to a study by the University of Oslo team translating the writings.


Pillipino women weaving through recovery after devastating storm Yolanda.




An update on the NY marathon runner who knit a scarf, while running, to raise awareness of, and funds for, alzheimers research. He did it in record time! Pretty amazing finger knitting too…

Portrait of Kendra
by: Kendra
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Introducing the Honey Cowl Redux; a stunning new look for the perennial favorite cowl. Available as a kit in 3 striking colorways:   Honey Cowl Kit - Smoky Granite Honey Cowl Kit - Berry Sorbet Honey Cowl Kit - Marine Mist


Andra Asars’ adaptation of Antonia Shankland’s – Ravelry Honey Cowl is a real stunner. This eye-catching cowl adds instant, and might we add effortless, style to any outfit. Using the textured stitch pattern, Andra has added the updated effect of layering a solid colored yarn, Berroco Folio, over a multi-colored yarn, Berroco Boboli Lace. The solid color predominates on one side while the reverse side highlights the multi-colored yarn for an impressionistic look. The beauty is in the yarns and colors. You’ll love watching it play out while you knit and you’ll love wearing it even more.

The kit makes a fantastic gift for a knitter, while the knitted cowl is an ideal gift for just about anyone.

Please note this pattern and yarns are not sold separately. They are only available in kit form.


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Portrait of Kendra
by: Kendra
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childtopper1 topper2 2210000P-G


We’re rolling out our next round of Alpine Topper combinations. If you’re not familiar, the Alpine Topper is our all time best selling and most loved  hat (by both knitters and recipients). Its stellar good looks and supreme practicality depend upon the interplay of a bulky yarn for the main body and a super bulky yarn for the lining. The myriad of color combinations means 100% fun for some, while others can find it a bit overwhelming.

For those who need a little help navigating the endless color possibilities we’ll be occasionally posting possible combinations. With the click of a button the yarn can be added to your cart. You need only wait for the yarn to arrive at your door and start knitting.


So here goes our second round of suggestions. Didn’t see our first round? Be sure to check it out. When ordering, don’t forget to add the printed version of the Alpine Topper hat pattern or the Alpine Topper Hat - Pattern download to your cart. Either is FREE when you purchase yarn to make the hat.


Noro Obi color 013 (Obi13) , Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 208 (562-1208)


Noro Obi color 005 (Obi5) Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 100 (562-100)


Plymouth Gina Chunky color 106 (0106) Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 060 (562-2060)


Plymouth Gina Chunky color 103 (0103) Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 994 (562-994)


Malabrigo Mecha color 416 (MC416) Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 662 (562-1662)


Malabrigo Mecha color 247 (MC247) Plymouth DeAire Merino Yarn color 994 (562-994)

Please note specific yarns used in the Alpine Toppers pictured above are no longer available.  

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88080010-susan (1 of 1)

The Stella LED Flex Arm Lamp - 10 Watts  with its tri-spectrum technology is the light to rule all lights. How do I know? I use it everyday in my office. With the touch of a button I change the settings depending upon my task. When matching color samples and examining product detail I use the pure white setting and then switch to the warm natural setting for all my paperwork. Then at the end of the work day when my eyes are tired I switch to the cool white setting. I love it!


Other features you’ll value include flex arm technology that lets you direct light exactly where you want it. Stella’s easy touch interface allows you to turn on/off, dim up or down and change light spectrum all with a quick light touch. LED technology means 50,000 plus hour lamp life. So in other words, if you were to use Stella for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, you would still have 70% of the light you started with after 11 years.

Its multiple settings and easy transition between settings makes the Stella light the ideal light for anyone in any situation. So when it comes to lighting for your fiber arts, Stella is the one to have.


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