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Casco Bay Cotton Chenille

Item: 0961010L Color:101
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Halcyon Yarn's Signature Casco Bay Cotton Chenille offers two versatile weights of chenille in the stunning sunny and soft Casco Bay Colors palette of over 30 hues. The same soft cotton colors come in either a worsted or bulky weight, making the possibilities endless! Chenille is a classic yarn for knitting, crocheting and weaving. The extra plush nature of our Casco Bay Chenilles makes them perfect yarns for super soft blankets and throws, sweaters, and thirsty bath towels. Casco Bay Cotton Chenille is always easy to use in your weft. With care chenille can be used in warp and Cotton Chenille is less prone to "worming" than rayon chenilles. Use it alone or as a pattern weft in an overshot with 3/2 or 5/2 Pearl Cotton. Log cabin weaving patterns look great when alternating chenille with a smooth yarn in a contrasting color, we recommend combining Casco Bay Cotton Chenille and Pearl Cotton, Tencel or Bamboo. When weaving with chenille in your warp be sure to tame your fringe ends by twisting or braiding, or you can hem the edges to avoid unraveling. Knitters and crocheters love the soft, plush touch. The plush texture and lack of elasticity Can make chenille a bit more difficult to work with so you may want slippery needles such as our Addi Turbos to improve your speed. Try substituting Cotton Chenille in all your favorite worsted weight knitting patterns… Casco Bay Cotton Chenille is available in easy to use Cones in either an economical one pound size or in convenient mini-cones. You'll love the gentle, velvety feel of Cotton Chenille!

Casco Bay Cottons care:

Machine washability and subtle colors that fade softly and gradually make these ideal yarns for easy care children's sweaters and baby blankets. As with any cotton some shrinkage may occur after washing. To accurately determine sizing and sett or gauge be sure to wash and finish your swatch as you will your completed piece. Due to its soft construction, items made with these yarns fill out nicely after gentle machine washing and drying. When working with bold or highly contrasting colors we suggest testing for color fastness. It is not uncommon for excess dye to be present in strong colors. If bleeding occurs, skein and wash until the water runs clear and let hang dry.

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Selected: 1 lb cone.
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1 lb cone:
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  • • $38.00, 12+
220 yd mini cone:
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Unit: 1 lb cone.
Fiber content: 100% cotton.
Knit gauge: 4.5 on sz 7.
Yards/pound: 900.
Knitting weight: Medium.
Yardage/unit: 900 yards / 1 lb cone.
Wraps/inch: 10 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 6.
Weaving twill sett: 8 to 10.

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: Casco Bay Colors Sample Card for $3.50/ea.


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