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16/2 Bamboo Yarn

Item: 1260010L Color:001 1-AABB8999
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Bamboo yarn is a beautiful plied weaving yarn. Smooth, lustrous and soft, you will love weaving with this yarn, available in either 8/2 or 16/2 weights. Bamboo, the “lunch-of-choice” for Panda bears, is environmentally friendly, naturally antibacterial, and has excellent breathability and drape. Suitable for use in place of pearl cotton, tencel or silk. Knitters will love the drape of bamboo for a sleek lace weight shawl or scarf or paired with a cotton yarn to add sheen and depth to a summer top. Test your gauge first - these yarns do not stretch!

Bamboo is available in either 8 oz tubes or in convenient mini cones. Most of the colors offered in both 8/2 and 16/2 Bamboo yarn are interchangeable with those offered in our 8/2 Tencel. Color swatches are shown in 8/2 size.

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Selected: .5 lb tube.
Change to 800 yd mini cone.
.5 lb tube:
  • 18.50, 1+
  • • $16.50, 5+
  • • $13.75, 30+
800 yd mini cone:
  • 9.00, 1+
  • • $8.00, 8 mini-cone+
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Unit: .5 lb tube.
Fiber content: 100% Rayon from Bamboo.
Yards/pound: 6720.
Knitting weight: Lace.
Yardage/unit: 3360 yards / .5 lb tube.
Wraps/inch: 60 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 30-40.
Weaving twill sett: 34-46.

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: BAMBOO & TENCEL SAMPLE CARD for $3.50/ea.