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Gemstone Silk Bouclé

Item: 1551010S Color:101
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Halcyon Yarn's Gemstone Silks are simply the highest quality silks for weaving or knitting. Our silks are a great value in several weights and rich gorgeous colors. Luster, color and beauty... like gemstones spun into a perfect silk yarn. As precious and faceted as their namesake minerals Halcyon’s Gemstone 100% silks capture light and add dimension to textiles.

Halcyon's Gemstone Silk Bouclé brings extraordinary texture and soft sheen to this versatile and unique 100% silk yarn. The small loops offer rich surface interest in knitted or woven pieces and give more body and shape to finished designs. Silk Bouclé is suitable for knitting at a DK weight alone or Can be Combined with other yarns for added interest and heavier gauge, the smooth fiber and evenness of the loops makes it easier to work with than many textured yarns. Weavers working with Silk Bouclé will enjoy using it in either warp or weft, however we find it works most easily and shows off its unique texture the best when Combined with another smooth yarn such as a JaggerSpun wool. Beautiful for an entire piece or as an accent throughout your work the shimmering bouCle texture adds even greater depth to Colors and elevates every project to a work of art! Gemstone Silk Bouclé is available in economical 324 yard hanks.

Made of the finest Chinese silk fibers, spun in Switzerland, and dyed in the United States, these silk yarns exceed the highest standards. Silk has minimal shrinkage and very little elasticity, it is also extremely strong. Whether you are weaving silk yardage or knitting a silk scarf you will be amazed by the elegance or every piece you make from silk. Gemstone skeins are “hank skeins” and will need to be rewound to balls or spools before use.

Using Silk in Knitting: The luster is lovely, but the inelasticity may be a challenge eased by choosing textured stitches, and patterns which feature hems, picot or crocheted edges rather than ribs. Or blend with a soft wool or wool silk Combination for ribbings. Be creative and do gauge swatches to find the best match (usually fingering to sport). Avoid highly Contoured patterns as detail will tend to disappear.

Using Silk in Weaving: Since silk does not full or fill out, use a denser sett than for wools. Gemstone Silks are wonderful combined with fine wools or blends, we recommend Jaggerspun wools.

Care: We recommend dry cleaning. After testing a swatch, you Can try hand washing, and then rolling in a towel and hanging to remove dampness. Do not soak. For strongly Contrasting Colors we recommend steaming or wet finishing with Clear Cool water. Detergents may Cause darker Colors to run.

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3.5 oz hank:
  • • $54.50/hank
  • • $48.95, 5+
  • $37.95, 12+
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Unit: 3.5 oz hank.
Fiber content: 100% silk.
Knit gauge: 5-5.5 on sz 4-5.
Yards/pound: 1480.
Knitting weight: DK.
Yardage/unit: 324 yards / 3.5 oz hank.
Wraps/inch: 14 (wpi).
Weaving tabby sett: 10-12.
Weaving twill sett: 12-15.

Enlarge and explain tassel? For color accuracy please see sample card: SIGNATURE GEMSTONE SILK SAMPLE CARD for $3.50/ea.