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Beacon Cowl Pullover - Seguin Collection -Victorian Boucle

Inspired by the Seguin Light beacon our Beacon Cowl Pullover is comfortable and lightweight. You will be amazed at how flattering the diagonal knit styling is on many body types. Although directions are given for one size, if you want it smaller go down a needle size and conversely if you want it larger go up a needle size. The Victorian Boucle yarn is very gauge versatile.

Item Number: 1630006P $4.95

Victorian Bouclé Yarn

Halcyon Yarn's Signature Victorian Bouclé is a luxurious mohair and wool blend made from the same fibers as our Victorian Brushed Mohair. The combination of spring and loft resulting from the blend of fibers gives Victorian Bouclé remarkable yardage for its weight. Victorian Bouclé is a classic example of the distinct ringlet curls or loops that give bouclé its name. Lustrous mohair fibers allow the crisp ringlets to form while the softer crimp of the wool contributes to softness and spring, a nylon binder lends strength and elasticity.

In weaving Victorian Bouclé's strength makes it an excellent choice for warp as well as weft. Mohair Bouclé adds marvelous texture to any project, from shawl to overcoat, blanket to upholstery. The best part of weaving with mohair Bouclé is you won't experience the stickiness so often associated with mohair when used in a warp. Brushed, it offers a similar halo, warmth and lofty appearance as Victorian Brushed Mohair.

Halcyon's Signature Victorian Collection yarns are custom spun exclusively for Halcyon Yarn and dyed in the USA. You'll find that each of these yarns is gorgeous and economical on it's own or combined with other yarns. The Victorian yarns offer a broad and interchangeable color palette so they coordinate beautifully with each other. Our Victorian yarns couldn't be prettier or easier to work with!

Weavers, alternate Victorian 2-Ply warp or tabby weft with Victorian Bouclé or Victorian Brushed Mohair for pattern in overshot or summer and winter. Knitters and crocheters will love double-stranding any two Victorian styles together on size 10.5 knitting needles (size K or larger crochet hook) at 3 stitches per inch for a personalized “designer” bulky yarn.

Care: Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry, or dry clean. Mothproofed.

Weaving tip: If you're having trouble maintaining your selvedges in balanced weaves, especially with a soft warp and light tension you might have when using the Victorian yarns, try using a strand of Pearl Cotton as a floating selvedge. These threads can be tensioned more tightly than the rest of the warp to maintain width by adding a hanging weight, then pulled out before washing.

Item Number: 16310100 $13.95

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