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Romney Felting Fiber

Fiber line #309


Romney Felting Fiber description:

Romeny is ideal for needle felting as needle holes are less evident in the work. But don’t limit its use to needle felting. Try it in traditional wet felting too but be aware the finished felt will be more rustic in appearance.

Romney, a long wool breed, is named for the Romney Marsh region in Kent, England where it was developed in the early 1800’s from medieval longwool types as a dual purpose fiber and meat sheep.

The extreme geographic and climatic conditions of the region developed some specific breed characteristics which include hooves resistant to footrot and big fleeces which remain heavy in harsh weather. These characteristics made for an easy transition to New Zealand and the Falkland Islands where they quickly established themselves as the most predominant breed. The first Romneys came to the United States in 1904 where their long, lustrous fleeces is highly sought by hand spinners.

Our Dyed Felting Fiber is carded Romney. A slightly coarse fiber with crimp, 1/4 lb bags are convenient and lets you have lots of colors. This romney felting fiber has a staple length of 2” - 3” and a micron count of 31-34 for dyed and 38-40 for white, natural grey and fawn.

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Romney Felting Fiber details:
• Fiber content: Wool

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