Natural Flax Roving

Fiber line #386

 Linen Fiber:  color 0000
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our color: 0000
vendor color: T 151
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  • Mix colors for discounts (for price 2 and 3 each color amount must be greater than 1lb).
  • $28.00, <1 lb
  • • $23.00, 1lb+
  • • $20.00, 5lb+
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Natural Flax Roving details:
Fiber content: Linen.

Natural Flax Roving description:

Flax top is a combed fiber preparation made from flax tow — the short fibers (2-4") that remain in the hackles after preparing the line. Flax top is easy to spin and does not require a distaff. Linen yarn spun from flax top is great to use as a weft in weaving or for knitting. The inherent luster of the linen yarn is due to the wax Content of the flax fibers. Euroflax flax top is available in natural and bleached white.

enlarge image for detail link Linen Fiber:  color 0000
our color: 0000
vendor color: T 151

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