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Coopworth Blend Wool Roving

Coopworth wool roving is a joy to spin! Coopworth is a breed resulting from inbreeding Border Leicester an... →more
31200200 • $32.95

Blue Faced Leicester Wool Top

Bluefaced Leicester is a fine, semi-lustrous "longwool" wool fiber, with a staple length that ra... →more
31300100 • $36.95

Finn Wool Fiber

Finnsheep originated in... Finland. This wool fiber is lustrous, soft and fine. Yarn spun from Finn is su... →more
30700000 • $48.00

Citric Acid Crystals, 8 oz.

Citric Acid Crystals may be substituted one for one for Ammonium Sulfate, if the smell of other acids is bo... →more
8200004A • $8.95 • in‑stock

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