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Carefree Crochet

50 Soft, Fashionable Projects That Make You Feel GoodWelcome to your introduction to the beauties of carefr... →more
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Acadia by The Fibre Company

Acadia yarn from The Fibre Company is an elegantly crafted 2-ply with a subtle tweed effect and colors th... →more
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Cascade 220 Superwash Wool Yarn

Silky soft and superwash! Your care worries are over, for the durable feature of this yarn will make your co... →more
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Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool Yarn

Jo Sharp's Classic DK Wool is spun from premium grade, extra long fibres, this wool yarn is a pl... →more
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Jo Sharp New Era Merino DK Superwash Yarn

Jo Sharp New Era Merino DK Superwash is a versatile, super soft machine washable wool yarn. Light & lo... →more
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Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed Yarn

Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed is rich, soft and luxurious with wool, silk and cashmere fibres. A textured DK we... →more
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Harrisville Highland Yarn - Washed Skeins

Harrisville Highland skeins are skeined and then washed especially for knitters. It's soft, lofty, pr... →more
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