Christmas Mitten Ornament - 3/2 Pearl Cotton - Pattern download Knitting Pattern

Author: Nancy Allen
Approx. size 4.5" high by 4" circumference.

Heirloom personalized ornaments at your fingertips. Knit these ornament mittens as gifts for you and all your loved ones. Great for a topper to a gift. Use all your bits and pieces of pearl cotton or any sport weight yarn.

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Related items: Knitting needles size 0, Crochet hook size D, stitch holder, stitch markers, tapestry needle. Approximate Size: Approx. size 4.5" high by 4" circumference. Yarn weight: Sport Yardage needed: MC 1 mini cone, small amount from 1-4 contrasting colors

downloadable version: this pattern is also available as a printed pattern.

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32 Pearl Cotton Yarn
3/2 Pearl Cotton Yarn