Handwoven Loom Theory: Four Shaft Scarf Collection - eBook Printed Copy Knitting Book

Author: Piecework
96 pgs. (paper, color)
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Loom Theory: Four Shaft Scarf Collection, is a special publication of Handwoven magazine.The collection contains 8 patterns on 4shafts in a special collection of high-end scarves woven using luxury yarns, with designs that specifically highlight the unique qualities of those yarns. Bead Leno, Twills, Defleced Double Weave and Swedish Lace are among the beautiful designs. For this beautiful collection you will receive two printed sections... a "Look Book with information about the scarves, their designers and why they chose what they did. The second booklet is the compiled patterns. Originally planned by Handwoven as solely a digital product, we offer the printed edition for those who prefer having a book next to their loom.

This ebook, and all of Halcyon Yarn's eBooks, are printed on acid-free coated stock, ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your project.

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