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Yarn Management: Swifts And Skein Winders. Multi-craft Equipment

Leclerc Swift and Skein Winder

The Leclerc metal reel may be clamped to a table top for use as a skeiner or a swift. It is adjustable for di... →more
62635140 • $288.00 • special-order

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Schacht Double Ended Hand Lace Bobbin Winder

The Schacht double end winder is adjustable to fit any lace bobbin. Made of maple and includes table cl... →more
64070100 • $227.00 • in-stock

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Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift

The Ultra Umbrella Swift by Schacht is ingeniously designed to fit most tables. The Ultra turns freely on ba... →more
64083000 • $357.00 • oversize

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Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift with Counter

The Ultra Umbrella Swift with Counter is ingeniously designed to fit most tables. The Ultra turns freely on... →more
64083100 • $403.00 • oversize

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Standalone Skeinwinder

Folding skeinwinder that clamps to a table. The beautiful finish and attention to detail you always find wi... →more
65990140 • $232.00 • oversize

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Wooden Umbrella Swift

This extra-large size wooden swift is also known as a linen swift because traditional linen swifts were wo... →more
68570000 • $105.00 • in-stock

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Plastic and Metal Swift/Skein Winder

The tried and true plastic and metal swift has two special features. The crank at the top allows you to wi... →more
68580000 • $44.00 • in-stock

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Ashford Skeiner 2

The newly designed Ashford Skeiner 2, free standing skein winder allows for easy winding off of spun yarn in... →more
68901360 • $269.00 • special-order

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Ashford Wooden Umbrella Swift

Ashford's attractive wooden skeiner is a truly unusual configuration. It clamps to table and easily ad... →more
68912250 • $169.00 • oversize

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Maine Made Cherry Swift

Halcyon Yarn's beautiful hand crafted cherry swift is carefully made by a Maine craftsman for su... →more
68930010 • $285.00 • in-stock

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Beka Yarn Swift

The light-weight Beka yarn swift is designed to accommodate a wide variety of yarn and skein sizes. It is un... →more
68930030 • $55.50 • oversize

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