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A Swift Deal for the Final Days


During the final countdown days to Christmas, we’re offering a 10% discount on one of the most prized and appreciated tools a fiber guy or gal can own. What’s that you ask? A swift of course! Save time and hassle. Just think you’ll no longer need the hands of a friend or the back of a chair to wind your yarn into a ball. Weavers, wind warps directly from the swift. So whether you’re treating yourself or picking up a last minute gift, take advantage of the savings by entering the code SWIFT at checkout. Offer good thru December 25, 2013.

Maine Made Cherry Swift is one of our favorites. Tom is a wonderful craftsman, who lives on his boat in and around Camden, Maine. His work reflects his character: careful, deliberate, authentic, thorough, and of the highest integrity. We took the photo of his swift (above) on his boat, which he also made himself from the keel up!  If you enjoy the “tradition” in traditional crafts, this swift is simply wonderful, an inspiration, a joy to use, and a rare find.


Maine Made Cherry Swift  Maine Made Cherry Swift

The Wooden Umbrella Swift is a pleasing addition to any fiber-space. Mount vertically or horizontally. Enjoy the large size and great versatility. Also, enjoy peace of mind that comes from a swift made of certified sustainable wood.


Wooden Umbrella Swift  Wooden Umbrella Swift

If you’re testing the waters on a swift, or just need a compact economical option, Plastic and Metal Swift/Skein Winder is a great option. Compact, economical, a classic and compelling swift that most every fiber artist should have!


Plastic and Metal Swift/Skein Winder  Plastic and Metal Swift/Skein Winder


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3 thoughts on “A Swift Deal for the Final Days”

  1. Halcyon Blake says:

    I believe this means the screw that holds the arms spread out in the
    “open” position by pushing on the shaft rather than the one holding the swift to the table. That screw is indeed included. The new swifts have that screw. The old ones didn’t so that’s why they’re offered separately.

  2. Kathy Stuart says:

    Does the cherrywood thumb screw come with the swift or does it have to be ordered separately?

    1. Amos says:

      Hi and thanks for the question. Do you mean the screw that is used to tighten / clamp the swift to the table? If so, yes, that is included with the swift. It comes with all the parts needed to start unwinding skeins. Let us know if you have any further questions!

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