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Color – Everything a Weaver Needs to Know

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The Best of Handwoven Color - Technique Series - eBook Printed Copy is hot off the printer and getting multiple thumbs ups from staff and customers alike. Color is the number one topic about which weavers want to learn more. It’s no wonder. Most of us know which colors we like and dislike, but when it comes to choosing which colors work well together, it’s not so easy. In weaving the task of choosing colors becomes even more complicated when colors aren’t simply side by side, but intertwined in the woven structure. Knowing how colors work together is a skill developed through knowledge and practice.


Best of Handwoven Color - Technique Series - eBook Printed Copy  Best of Handwoven Color - Technique Series - eBook Printed Copy

This new printed ebook on color is packed with information that will help demystify the language of color for weavers. Couple the ebook with the Color Grid by Kangaroo Dyer (such a handy tool for any fiber artist) and your color confidence will soar. The ebook includes several articles on color theory, as well as 12 projects that will put your new found color knowledge to the test. Projects include table linens, scarves and wraps.


Color Grid by Kangaroo Dyer  Color Grid by Kangaroo Dyer

Just a reminder, Halcyon Yarn is your exclusive source for “printed” versions of  all the popular Handwoven eBooks. They are printed in full color on acid-free coated stock, saddle-stitched and ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your loom. Booklets focus on a specific yarn, weaving technique or type of project, providing several patterns from previously published Handwoven magazines, each with detailed instructions and illustrations.

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