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DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow – Tapestry Weaving for Everyone!

Simple and stylish woven art for your home!

Both Ways wall hangingAlthough it’s been around for ages, the art of tapestry weaving has recently witnessed a spike in popularity – and now all of us can get in on it! Hip retailers, interior decorators, and modern fiber artists alike are all tapping into tapestry weaving, and this means there are all sorts of new, fun sources of inspiration. Just about anyone can do it, and you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to get started. Rachel Denbow’s DIY Woven Art inspired me to give tapestry weaving a try, and it gave me all the information I needed to make my very own piece of woven art.


DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art

After an easy to read introduction describing the different materials used in basic tapestry weaving, the second chapter of this book is all about making your own looms. These range from small cardboard looms to large frame looms – all of them approachable to make on your own with simple tools and materials from the hardware store or your recycling bin.

But then there are the projects! Beginning with easier pieces like the Both Ways wall hanging shown above, DIY Woven Art guides you through the basic techniques of tapestry weaving. The projects slowly introduce new tricks, working up to pieces like the Poesy wall hanging shown below:


Poesy wall hanging[/caption]One of the things I love most about tapestry weaving is the fact that you can use pretty much any kind of fiber you want.  Thin yarn takes a little longer to weave up, but it still totally works. Or you could go big and incorporate roving; there’s even a project in this book that uses a big piece of leather, so don’t be shy about incorporating new textures and found materials.

Take Me Somewhere clutchBut remember, you aren’t just limited to wall hangings! In DIY Woven Art, Denbow shows you how to make pillows, rugs, and even the clutch shown above.


DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art

If you’re not feeling quite motivated enough to build your own loom like in this book, we have a few already built looms here that are fun and easy to learn on. The Schacht School Loom is always a favorite, as its size and simplicity make it very versatile. The Harrisville Peg Loom with Accessories is another great option for those of you just starting out. Whatever your equipment, I invite you to use this book as a guide and inspiration for your very own DIY woven art.


Schacht School Loom  Schacht School Loom
Harrisville Peg Loom with Accessories  Harrisville Peg Loom with Accessories

Plus, some of our favorite tapestry weaving tools are on sale this week, including DIY Woven Art. Check it out this week’s great deals here!


DIY Woven Art  DIY Woven Art

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