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Earth Friendly Earthues

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One of the wonderful things about starting a new project is the opportunity to pick some amazing colors to work with. There are countless color combinations and options to choose from as you design a pattern or pick out your go-to favorites. What if one day you decided to have a bigger hand in the color process? Enter Earthues, a natural dye company.

Earthues is a fair-trade, woman-owned business that provides expertise in color, textile design, and artisan craft development. They travel the world teaching and learning about natural dyes and sustainable eco-methods for creating beautiful colors. The founder of Earthues, Michele Wipplinger, is a master dyer and designer with over thirty years of experience in natural dyes.

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I should really let the colors do the talking. If you’re feeling confident in your dyeing skills then take your pick from their eleven different colors. I personally would like to get my hands on some of the [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] . There are some more mellow tones, too! Fear not.


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Feeling inspired, but unsure? We’ve got kits! The Earthues: Botanical Natural Dye Kit contains madder, osage, cutch and logwood purple, instructions, mask and gloves, and enough potassium aluminum sulfate to dye approximately 4 lbs of wool, silk, alpaca, mohair, or other protein fiber. There is also the Earthues: Indigo Starter Natural Dye Kit. There is enough indigo to make a 32 ounce jar of indigo stock which ought to give you enough for a couple of vats! You’ll also find ph strips, a mask, gloves, instructions (phew!), soda ash, and thiourea dioxide.


Earthues: Botanical Natural Dye Kit » Info / buy
Earthues: Indigo Starter Natural Dye Kit » Info / buy

Here’s another fun and important fact about Earthues: They truly care about their impact on the world. They don’t use any heavy metal mordants that are dangerous to human health or the planet. All of their colorants are derived from plants or other natural materials! So go ahead and grab your favorite yarns, textiles, natural fiber, paper, or buttons and get started. Earthues is…dyeing…to meet you (Sorry…at least I kept it to only one pun!).


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