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Fabric of the universe? Science and fiber – Fiber arts news

Understand atomic models, complex hyperbolic geometry, and coral reefs?


I won’t deny: You have to focus a little to read this article, but it got us started on the wonderful intersections of knitting, crochet, weaving and fiber in the sciences. It’s on the historic and current role that knitting has played in the lives of some prominent scientists. But it’s really cool, even if you’re not going to knit a tangible version of an abstract mathematical surface.


But if you are inclined to knit (crochet, in this case) a complex hyperbolic surface, check out this TEDx video of Daina Taimina. It’s cool, if nerdy. The wonderful things about this video: a) you may actually gain an understanding of complex surfaces without knowing anything about math and b) you may make your own complex hyperbolic surface because they’re just fun! Knitting pattern here, along with many other mathematical knitting projects… But these are best crocheted, and here is the definitive, mathematically rigorous, pattern and explanation as a pdf (with a nice connection to Maine, where she made the first one!). Turns out, Daina’s creations translate wonderfully into coral reef critters, and many (including the Smithsonian) have participated in a project that has done just that!


We do have two patterns that are a variation on these patterns. While not mathematically rigorous, they make a great scarf that can be knit or crocheted! Check out: [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] and  Knit Curlique 2 Ways - two DK/Medium yarns - Pattern download


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We bet if you call ’em complex hyperbolic scarves, no body will know the difference!


Fiber arts neuroscience – it’s fun!


For something a little more approachable – here is a wonderful story of teaching kids of all ages neuroscience and brain-health concepts through playing with fiber. Turns out there is a *wonderful* educational resource for brain health and fiber arts in pdf form that anyone can use and adapt.  Great projects for all – from expert crocheters to yarn-wraping-absolute-beginner-kids.

Weaving to the rescue? We hope so.


In Scotland, wild cats are in grave danger, with dwindling populations in peril. Efforts are underway however to provide safe zones where the risk of interbreeding with domestic cats are reduced and habitat is protected. A novel avenue of support comes from a custom designed tartan; hand weaving to the rescue! What other efforts could benefit from hand woven creations?

Meanwhile in Iceland: Grandma, knitting, paragliding?


A glorious-25-second video of knitting while hang gliding. Because!

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