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Handwoven May/June 2018

Inspiration for weaving can come from anywhere, and the designers of the projects in [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] share their sources of inspiration, whether it comes from a photograph, music, a certain color, or even another piece of cloth! Check out the highlights here…


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This issue includes 12 projects that can be woven on a variety of looms.

Symphony No. 1 in Rep Minor, by Nancy Dunlap.

I was particularly struck by Nancy Dunlap’s 8-shaft rep weave rug out of Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn and fabric strips – a strong statement piece for any space, it’s equally fascinating on both sides. 8/4 cotton really is such a versatile yarn!


Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn

(Want to try your hand at Rep weave? Try our new Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats - Download or kits.)


Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats - Download  Lovely Day Rep Weave Placemats - Download

Huck Towels with Color-and-Weave Effect, by Tom Kniseley.

I also enjoyed Tom Knisley’s 4-shaft pattern for linen towels. He created a neat and crisp pattern by using color-and-weave effects with huck lace, a technique not typically combined with color-and-weave. These would look great in the Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn.


Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn Newport 16/2 Linen Yarn

A Day At The Beach Towels, by Jenny Sennott.

I was excited to see our signature Block Island Blend Yarn woven on a rigid heddle loom into some beachy dishtowels by Jenny Sennott. Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn would be a great choice for the little dots of color, created with a simple pick-up stick pattern. I may need to make a set of these for myself!


Block Island Blend Yarn Block Island Blend Yarn
Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn Cotton Carpet Warp 8/4 Yarn

Linked Warp on a rigid heddle, by Ashford Wheels & Looms.

There is also an awesome tutorial from Ashford on modifying the clasped weft technique to make a clasped warp instead! They call it “linked warp.” We’ve already warped up a sample for the shop, and I’ve gotta say, it looks pretty rad. Stay tuned for a post on that soon – and check out the Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms here!

Editor Susan Horton reviews the recent re-release of the classic Anni Albers book, On Weaving - New Expanded Edition, from Princeton University Press. If you haven’t already picked up you copy, we’ve got them in stock now. It’s a must-have for every weaver!


On Weaving - New Expanded Edition  On Weaving - New Expanded Edition

The ever-helpful Madelyn Van Der Hoogt tells us all about tie-ups. It is a good review for experienced weavers, and a great introduction for newbies. She talks about rising vs. sinking sheds, as well as the different ways that tie-ups and drafts can be presented.

Deb Essen teaches readers how to determine the appropriate sett for various yarns based on the type of fabric you are looking for and the wraps per inch (WPI). Knowledge of the perfect sett doesn’t always come easily, but is rather the product of a simple equation: Sample + Experience = Success.

In addition to his towel pattern, Tom Knisely discusses elements of design and tells readers how he and his friends have found weaving inspiration in such varied places as roofing shingles to a barcode on a can of baking powder…


After reading this issue, you too will find weaving inspiration everywhere!

Pick up your [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] today!


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