Portrait of Sierra Roberts
by: Sierra Roberts

Kendra Revisited…

Kendra in the Store

We’d like to introduce you to a long time employee, Kendra Rafford, who we’re welcoming back to Halcyon Yarn. Kendra started working here years ago. She often says Halcyon Yarn was the spark that ignited her love of the fiber arts. And oh what a fire it’s created… Being a creative and tactile person she loved being surrounded by all the colors and fiber. If there was a class, she wanted to take it. If there was a book, she wanted to read it. Years later she is an accomplished fiber artist who creates patterns, knits, spins, weaves and specializes in felting. Trained as a teacher, she loves to help customers and introduce them to the fiber arts she loves. So don’t hesitate to ask her a question or sign-up for one of her classes.

As her fiber skills and acquisition of knowledge grew, so did her family. Once single, while at Halcyon Yarn we watched as she married and welcomed one, then two and finally 3 little boys into her life. Many of our long time customers may remember Trevor, her first son, who was often seen amongst the yarn and fiber on a daily basis. Oh how we love yarn and babies here at Halcyon Yarn. Trevor was only one of many babies that got their start here at Halcyon Yarn, Halcyon’s own daughter Gretchen being the first. But that’s a story for another day.

Kendras Cuties

With the arrival of her third little boy, she took a few years off to concentrate on taking care of them and creating her own one of a kind creations. Well now she’s back, at least on a limited basis. She’ll be joining us at the shop every Tuesday and doing some designing from home. She still has those fetching young fellows, who can be seen in our new pattern “The Family Favorite Hat“, but they are old enough now for her to sneak away for at least one day of fiber fun. We’re glad to have her back and we hope you are too.