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Labor Day Specials – enjoy end of summer savings!

As the calendar changes to September the weather is right on cue with a crispness to the air, fall is right around the corner. Coziness is on the horizon and this Labor Day weekend we’ve got great specials for you!

End-Of-Summer Clearance!

We’re making room for new fall lines so these items are on clearance at great prices – add them to your stash before they’re gone for good!

Clearance Yarns, Magazines & Patterns!

*Clearance items are final sale.

New Weaving Yarn – Cotton Boucle

A favorite for weavers, Cotton Boucle by Maurice Brassard is now available in 36 colors. On its own or combined with 8/2 Homestead Cotton or Cottolin, you’ll want to try it for kitchen towels, adding texture to woven yardage, or as a great lightweight scarf yarn. 100% Cotton, the look only improves with washing. It’s available in either half pound spools or convenient mini-cones so you can enjoy the full range of colors without breaking the bank.

Inflation-Busters, Let’s talk ‘Price 2’

Sometimes we forget to toot our own horn and remind you of the ways we make shopping at Halcyon Yarn easy and affordable. I was talking with a customer this week who mentioned that although she and her guild shop with us often they had not really noticed the “Price 2” designation until recently. She’s a sweater-knitter and new weaver and she said this will save her a lot on her upcoming projects so she will plan accordingly from now on. (Thank you, Yvonne!) I laughed because after offering Price 2 for decades I have to admit we haven’t given it much thought recently either – it’s just how we’ve always offered a better deal on larger orders without any special codes or applications needed. I promised her I’d mention it to all of you right away so you don’t miss this great feature of shopping at Halcyon Yarn!

Save 10% – 15% with price 2, always!

On nearly all of our yarns (and some fibers too!) we list a “Price 2” which means that any time you order the indicated quantity of that yarn you’ll automatically be charged this lower price. Price 2 is usually between 10% and 15% off the regular price and you can mix and match colors within the item. So if you need 8 or more skeins for a sweater or blanket, or need to stock up on coned yarns you use frequently this is an excellent deal! Most yarns qualify at 8+ skeins, and coned yarns vary starting at as little as 2 or 5 pounds, or 8+ mini cones. So plan ahead a little, share an order with a friend, and order up – you’ll automatically receive great savings every time you order Price 2!

Free Pattern with every order!

This offer has ended – check your newsletter for new offers each month!

Receive a FREE printed pattern with every order this Labor Day weekend!

Order by midnight (EST) Monday, September 5th and we’ll automatically include a free weaving AND free knitting pattern with your order!

Complimentary printed patterns will be automatically included in each order we mail for orders placed between Saturday 9/3 and Monday 9/5. Patterns cannot be returned or exchanged.

Labor Day – Thank you to our workers and advocates!

Halcyon Yarn is closed Monday and will resume telephone, curbside, and shipping on Tuesday!

Some Labor Day thoughts for the long weekend…

Every year we enjoy the long weekend that unofficially transitions us from summer into fall. It’s time for the last cookout before the kids are back in school, a last guaranteed hurrah of warm weather, and a thrill as the first leaves start to change color. For many, including us at Halcyon Yarn, it’s an extra (paid) day off. The reason for Labor Day sometimes gets lost in the shuffle though. After several years of challenges to the way we work – both in our culture-at-large and here at Halcyon Yarn – it feels like an important time to reflect on the Labor behind Labor Day.

My great-grandfather was a labor organizer with the dock workers of New York/New Jersey around the time the early American labor movement took hold, the movement that Labor Day was established to commemorate. I’m proud that he was a driving force behind the establishment of a federal minimum wage, among other protections and rights. As we enjoy the relative luxuries of our lives more than a hundred years later the strains of the pandemic have made it all the more important not to take for granted the protections we do have, and critical to continue advocating for the rights that we should improve and protect even more strongly. Workers in healthcare, schools, manual labor, and service industries like retail, food, and hospitality have disproportionately borne the brunt of workplace challenges that the pandemic has exacerbated (although not necessarily caused) and they are often the least protected and or compensated. This is especially true for women, communities of color, and those whose work includes domestic labor and caregiving. None of us would have the quality of life that we have without the hard and often undervalued work that they do. It is a joy to do work that we care about, but it should be a right and not a privilege to be safe, compensated fairly, and respected in every job.

As we celebrate the value of work I’d like to give a huge thanks to the wonderful staff at Halcyon Yarn, who have persevered through a difficult couple of years and without whom you would not be receiving this email or the wonderful yarns and services we work hard to deliver. This time last year I gave birth to my daughter and our staff rallied (and has continued) to keep things moving during a pretty precarious few months of early parenthood. We’re a small company and it takes every one of us to make it work, I hope that, like us, you will take a moment to think of and thank all the workers who’ve gone above and beyond in your life these past few years – yourselves included!

I hope she won’t be too embarrassed by this, but we would especially like to thank Rose, who is the heart of our customer service – many of you know her from her friendly and incredibly knowledgeable replies to your emails or calls. She shows up every day (with her sidekick Ruby the rescue dog) enthusiastic to help you with all your weird and wonderful yarn challenges, and she is excellent at providing you (and her coworkers) with reliably great solutions to every question or curve-ball that comes her way.

Thank you, Rose, for nearly six years of helping, educating, and delighting the Halcyon Yarn community!!!

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day Specials – enjoy end of summer savings!”

  1. Gretchen says:

    Thanks, Sallie! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and for the shared sentiment. It means a lot to us that we never take for granted that we get to do what we care about here, and it matters that our customers know our values. Thanks so much for your support! – Gretchen

  2. Sallie says:

    Great thoughts on Labor Day and what we owe to those we too often take for granted, thanks so much for taking the trouble to share them.

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