Portrait of Sierra Roberts
by: Sierra Roberts

Malabrigo: A great company making great yarn

We all know how lovely Malabrigo’s yarns are…

I’ve oft extolled the virtues of their hand and kettle-dyeing processes. And the softness… oh, the softness. But on top of all that, Malabrigo is an awesome company that you can feel good about supporting.

This family owned company started as a small two-man operation back in 2005, and has been steadily growing ever since. Their mills are located in both Uruguay and Perú, and employ mostly women, of all ages. Malabrigo strives to “give job opportunities to people that have fewer opportunities than the average” (that’s a quote taken directly from their website).

Members of the Malabrigo flock in Uruguay. There’s even a video from lambing season from their flock at La Serena.

Malabrigo doesn’t just care about helping other people – all of that wonderfully soft merino wool we love comes right from Uruguay, a country known for producing a lot of very soft wool. Those sheep are treated well, too; they’re allowed to roam free, herded by shepherds. A job which I’m sure is quite difficult, but one that I covet nonetheless. Maintaining viable economic opportunities, based on traditional practices, fosters land conservation and helps support the extended economy of the area. It’s a win for everyone, including the sheep!

In addition to providing jobs to those in need and promoting ethical sheep farming, Malabrigo is deeply committed to sustainability in other respects. From implementing solar power to conserving water, this company is deeply conscious of their own footprint. Even their superwash process meets OEKO-TEX standards, which means it’s kind of like when food is certified as organic; instead of placing the fiber in an acid bath to keep it from felting, they coat it with a super diluted resin – the same stuff that’s used in facial tissues. The same high standards apply to their dyeing process, so you can sleep soundly knowing your favorite sweater doesn’t contain traces of heavy metals, formaldehyde, or any other bad stuff.

For these reasons and more, we think Malabrigo is the bee’s knees! To take a look at all the the Malabrigo yarns we stock, click this link here: https://halcyonyarn.com/yarn/brand/malabrigo

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