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(Malabrigo) March into spring spinning with Nube!

Malabrigo March may be over, but… Nube merino is the Malabrigo for spinners – on sale now!

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about Nube by Malabrigo Fiber. In a perfectly fitting close to Malabrigo March, I’m excited to finally show off the handspun yarn I made with their delightfully fluffy fiber.


Nube by Malabrigo Fiber Nube by Malabrigo Fiber

The more time I spend here at Halcyon, the more I learn. Terminology I never knew existed, techniques that make life easier, and tricks to do things a little more methodically – all very useful things to know, but sometimes that wealth of information can make you feel… well, discouraged? Like when I finished spinning my singles (not single, I just learned) of this beautiful Nube by Malabrigo Fiber. I then picked up an old issue of Ply magazine and saw that people actually PLAN their variegated handspun projects ahead of time, thus creating intentional color changes. Makes sense, right?


Nube by Malabrigo Fiber  Nube by Malabrigo Fiber

Needless to say, I didn’t plan ahead for this project. And I’m OK with that! I opened up the braid and split it into a bunch of very uneven strips, too excited to start spinning to care where the colors ended up. Then I plied it with some Fine White Merino Wool Top Fiber, in its natural un-dyed state. When plying, my only goal was to make the two plies “hug” each other.


Fine White Merino Wool Top Fiber Fine White Merino Wool Top Fiber


The finished yarn came out really cool – I think it looks vaguely reptilian. I call it Velocicrafter.  Here’s how it came out:

One 4 oz braid of Nube by Malabrigo Fiber plied with 4 oz of Fine White Merino Wool Top Fiber yielded about 500 yards of beautiful, unique handspun DK weight yarn. Far from perfect, technically speaking, but no one can deny the appeal of such fun colors and texture. As a fellow spinner recently told me, there is no ‘wrong’ yarn – you should spin the kind of yarn you want to work with. These are very true words of advice. Now I just have to find something to make out of it!


Pick up your own braid of Nube by Malabrigo Fiber now while it’s on sale – 10% off through Saturday April 8th!



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