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Malabrigo Sock – in stock and on sale

On the coat tails of my last post about Malabrigo Lace, here’s another new addition to our Malabrigo family: Malabrigo Sock Yarn!  This is a plied, superwash merino wool sock weight yarn.  Sock is kettle dyed, so it has all the tonal and multicolor variegation you’ve come to know and love from Malabrigo.  A comparable weight to Lace, Sock differs in that the plied construction makes it just a tiny bit stronger.  Don’t forget it’s machine washable, too!


Malabrigo Sock Yarn Malabrigo Sock Yarn

Sock is a wonderfully soft yarn.  While it’s obviously great for socks (what a delightful way for your feet to dress!), this yarn works for any project that requires a fine weight yarn.  The venerable Ann Budd loves Sock for her Take Two Skirt pattern (check it out on Ravelry here).  It knits up into a beautiful, interesting fabric with just the right amount of drape.  I say the fabric is interesting because with Malabrigo, whatever color you choose is guaranteed to have depth and personality.  Even the solids have a range of tonal variation, with darker to lighter areas that blend together to create a “living” color.

So what should you make out of sock?  Malabrigo releases pattern books pretty regularly, and there were a few patterns in Malabrigo Book 3 that caught my eye.  First, there’s the Scalloped Shawl, shown below:


Malabrigo Book 3  Malabrigo Book 3



This shawl is a great way to play with two colorways of Sock.  It’s always fun to see what happens with those multis!  For those of you looking for a fun, interesting sock pattern, I also really like the Quick Draw Socks:


These socks are a great introductory cable project for a newer knitter.  I think the fancy stitch work on these would show up best in a more solid color, but I’d also be interested to see how the more variegated shades would look.  Such intriguing possibilities!

If you’re feeling inspired, pick up some Malabrigo sock between now and next Monday (January 23rd) for 10% off!


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