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New Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel


The wonderful people at Schacht have introduced a new spinning wheel, Flatiron Spinning Wheel, Double-Treadle by Schacht. The name pays homage to the beautiful Flatiron rock formations found on Green Mountain near Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder also happens to be home to the Schacht factory. Schachtory, if you will. But it isn’t just the name that was created thoughtfully – this wheel has a function and story that it completely lives up to.


Flatiron Spinning Wheel, Double-Treadle by Schacht  Flatiron Spinning Wheel, Double-Treadle by Schacht

The Flatiron comes flat packed in the box. I was recently given the assignment to put this bad boy together. Once I had everything laid out, I eyed the instructions warily. I’ve have enough experience putting together a certain Swedish company’s furniture that I felt sure the instructions would be a challenge. Here’s the part where I fell even more deeply in love with the folks at Schacht… The instructions are so incredibly well thought out and clear, I had no trouble whatsoever!


I feel like now is an appropriate time to come clean about something: I know hardly anything about your typical spinning wheel. I know my drop spindle and my Louet, but those are both very simple in design. I was essentially entering this mission with no understanding of the piece of equipment I was about to build. I can confidently say, even the earliest beginner can put this wheel together. And if you happen to be a more visual learner, Schacht made a handy video tutorial for assembling the Flatiron – you can watch it here.

Now for the most important part, which is when I tell you about how it spins. You have the option, when putting the wheel together, to set it up with the flyer on the left or the right. The wheel also allows you to choose between double drive, bobbin-lead or Scotch tension (what does that mean? Find out about spinning wheel types here or with even more detail on spinning wheel drive types here). You’re also able to use any of Schacht’s current whorls, so you can spin a huge variety of yarn weights. I had no trouble spinning with the Flatiron right off the bat – as soon as I sat down and started treading, I was in business. There’s so much you can do on this wheel, I have a hard time not spending my day at it.

I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention another few clever things about the Flatiron: As it is fully adjustable, you have complete control over your spinning experience. The wheel sports a quick-release lever that makes changing bobbins a breeze. It also weighs only 15 pounds, so it’s pretty easy to move around. I don’t mean this as a sales pitch, but if you’re in the market for an affordable wheel that can do just about anything, this is the wheel for you.

If you’re interested in giving the Flatiron a spin yourself, come on by! We have it set up in the shop here in Bath. You might have to fight me for a chance to use it, but I’ll try to share!

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2 thoughts on “New Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel”

  1. Cynthia Olson says:

    What is the drive wheel made of?

    1. Amos says:

      Hi Cyn, It’s made of a composite material. I’m not sure of the exact composition, but it’s similar to a bike wheel. I’ll look into it further and see if I can get the exact makeup of it. Thanks for the question!

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