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New spinning kit! Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit

Put a little sparkle in your next homespun project with the Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit - Midnight. This kit comes with a quarter pound of Merino Top Wool Fiber and 250 yards of Astra-Glow Metallic Yarn for your spinning pleasure. Also included are helpful instructions on how to spin your own semi-corespun yarn using Astra-Glow as the twinkling central core, and an easy knitted triangular shawl pattern that will work for ANY yarn you come up with.


Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit - Midnight  Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit - Midnight
Merino Top Wool Fiber  Merino Top Wool Fiber
Astra-Glow Metallic Yarn  Astra-Glow Metallic Yarn

What is corespun yarn? This is where you draft and spin your fiber around an already made yarn. This technique is almost like plying, except one of those plies needs to be drafted as you go. Once you get the hang of drafting whilst holding onto the core yarn, you can experiment with different angles to get different effects. Super soft Merino Top Wool Fiber is easy to spin and drafts like a breeze, making it a great choice for trying out core-spinning techniques.  


Merino Top Wool Fiber Merino Top Wool Fiber

You may already have other plans in mind for your sparkly new handspun yarn, but the Starlight Shawlette knitting pattern (included in kit) is designed to to work with whatever kind of  yarn you create from this lovely fiber pack. Sport weight or bulky, smooth, textured, or thick and thin – just follow the provided instructions to make your own unique yarn and accessory!


Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit - Midnight  Starlight Shawlette Spin and Knit Kit - Midnight

Kit includes:
• 4 oz Merino top fiber
• 1 mini cone (250 yards) Astra-Glow Metallic yarn
• Starlight Shawlette spinning instructions and knitting pattern

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