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Noro Tennen Yarn – A new kind of Noro you’ll love


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We’ve got another great new yarn here at Halcyon- Noro Tennen Yarn! This is a new member of the Noro family, and a unique one at that. Noro is famed for their brightly variegated, single ply yarns. Our little Noro corner in the shop is a veritable riot of color. Enter: Tennen. Also a single ply, Tennen is a much more subtle line, featuring more tonal variation in a palette of neutral colors.


Noro Tennen Yarn Noro Tennen Yarn

Tennen yarn holds its own! I knit up a swatch of our color 0270, which is a grayish sage green . You can see that it still has Noro’s trademark variegation, but in a more subdued color scheme using just the green, white, and gray. These colors make the knitted fabric look just as soft as it feels.


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Speaking of how it feels, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft this yarn knits up! Tennen is an interesting blend of 50% wool, 25% silk and 25% alpaca. It’s soft and a little squishy; the silk pokes out in happy little threads here and there, lending the finished fabric a slightly rustic feel. Not only that, but there’s just a hint of sheen over the whole thing that catches the light and highlights the gradients from dark to light.

The color palette and fiber content aren’t the only things that make Tennen stand out – it’s also a very generous put-up. Tennen is sold in 100 gram skeins, each containing approximately 275 yards. That cozy sweater I’ve been picturing out of this yarn is looking a little more attainable now! Being a worsted weight yarn, this would suit a ton of different patterns for all kinds of projects.  If you’re looking for some ideas to start with, Noro also released a book specifically catered to Tennen. It’s called [Sorry, item discontinued or temporarily out of stock] – check it out!


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