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Service… at the heart of Halcyon Yarn

Halcyon Blake with Shep Lee’s son Adam Lee Peggy and Barbara of Halcyon Yarn, Rachel and Gretchen of Snowpark Design, Halcyon and Susan of Halcyon Yarn

We’re happy to announce that Halcyon Yarn & our President Halcyon Blake have just received the Shep Lee Award for Community Service from the Maine Institute for Family Business!

We’re celebrating by giving 10% of next Monday’s (May 23rd) sales back to community organizations in Bath. For every purchase you make that day we will donating 5% to Main Street Bath and another 5% to the Bath Youth Meetinghouse. When you shop at Halcyon Yarn, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting an independent family owned business with a proven commitment to community service as well as customer service.

One of Halcyon’s greatest joys and accomplishments at Halcyon Yarn is her continuous commitment to social responsibility both personally and as a businesswoman. At the award ceremony in Portland this week Halcyon acknowledged the wonderful community of independent businesses here in Maine and offered heartfelt thanks to her staff and community for helping make it possible for her to do what she loves. During her forty years in business she has volunteered countless hours to many non-profit community organizations, donated generously and encouraged her employees and family to do the same. Halcyon Yarn also pays staff their regular wages for a set amount of community service time each each month so that employees can contribute their time and skills to the organizations they care most about.

Halcyon has built a terrific business not just by providing terrific customer service and also by providing service to her community. She believes that strong communities and strong relationships are good for each of us and good for business. Many of you have talked with her over the phone or in the shop over the years and you know you can always count on her expert advice and encouraging words – this passion for service is as authentic here in Bath and throughout Maine as it is in the fiber arts community. Operating Halcyon Yarn is never “just a job,” instead it is a wonderful place to forge relationships and a vehicle for creating positive change in the lives of those around her.

Portrait of Amos
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One thought on “Service… at the heart of Halcyon Yarn”

  1. Jenny says:

    Congratulations to Halcyon on your service award! This doesn’t surprise me though. In 1985 I became a Halcyon Yarn customer. In 1991 I was hit by a car while walking and suffered a head injury. No longer being able to weave and after many months of re-hab therapy, I wrote to Halcyon to say how important my ‘Yarn in a Box’ had been. I would spend hours looking at and fingering the yarn and dream of projects that I would one day be able to weave. I received the sweetest and most encouraging hand written note from Halcyon. I still have it! I’m happy to report that I am a weaving fool now, have an etsy shop, and have started doing art shows (just won a trophy!). Thanks, Halcyon, for all you do.

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