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Staff Feature: Grand Master Gwynn

GwynnFor many of us, knitting has many mysteries, and when we encounter them we run for a pattern, phone a friend, or put the project in the “finish it later” pile…. Not so for Gwynn, for her that is where the adventure begins. She is one of those rare folks who’ll have a great idea leaving work in the afternoon, and come in the next day with a designed-from-scratch must-have-marvel.

Does that type of designing sound spontaneous? Well that’s Gwynn. After moving here from Albuquerque, NM  “just because!”, she has been working for Halcyon Yarn since ’06. Gwynn’s responsibilities for us include sales, scouting new yarns, patterns, and colors, lending a hand where needed (hey, small company, we all work outside our job description), and designing.

Gwynn also occasionally delights the staff with a visit from her 4.5 year old daughter, Meredith, who is showing signs of an inclination toward design: Case in point, we’ve heard rumors of paparazzi photos circulating showing Gwynn wearing a Meredith designed “Spaghetti & Pipe Cleaner” bracelet. Tres, tres chic.

While Meredith, knitting, and designing keep Gwynn busy, she also finds time to read fiction (Harry Potter, oh yeah!), and, you guessed it, reading knitting books.

Gwynn confesses to an obsession with sock knitting, perhaps to cleanse her palate after her latest design project. Unfortunately for most of you who don’t work at Halcyon Yarn, you’ll miss out on many of Gwynn’s prolific works. Fortunately, a bunch have made it through the extensive writing/testing process and onto our website (check out her patterns that are available online here) and into our catalog. You may notice that the most recent catalog cover shot features the Graceful Ribbed Cardigan, a sweater that was knit and designed by Gwynn. This, her most recent work, almost caused a riot in the store as folks lined up to try it on — it’s one of those designs that really just looks good on everyone, and makes everyone look good.

When asked about her plans for the future, Gwynn had no hesitation about priorities: “Raise a happy healthy daughter, and knit socks” she quipped. Thanks Gwynn and Keep up the good work!

Portrait of Amos
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