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Staff Highlight: Annalee

Annalee RoseEver wonder who put together the beautiful sample card you just received? How about that kit you just ordered? Well, all of the Halcyon Yarn kits and sample cards are made right here, and most are made by Annalee. She helps Halcyon Yarn to keep offering the important, informative, and generally awesome sample cards – and, without her we also couldn’t offer the wide range of creative kits designed by local artists.

Annalee started here in September of 2007. While she’s not a “native Mainer” (hey, neither are people who were born here unless their great-great grandparents were also!), she been a local for quite some time: She moved from New York state in 1999. When first asked about being featured for the staff highlight she said “Oh, no, really? Everyone here is so talented with crafts and knits so beautifully, I have a lot of catching up to do”… Hmm, we’ll see about that.

Amigurumi made by AnnaleeIt turns out that Annalee started crocheting in college. Though she hadn’t been actively crocheting when she started at Halcyon Yarn, she offered to hook up some samples from “Amigurumi World” for the store… Wow! Talk about bringing things to life, the adorable samples are a hit amongst kids and adults alike, and we can’t keep the display orderly as a result! Is that it for Annalee’s fiber interests? “I also enjoy embroidery, sewing and cross stitch… And I’m learning to knit since coming to Halcyon Yarn”… Whoa, watch out!

Outside of work and the fiber arts Annalee has two cats, Maya and Tess, and two daughters, Megan and Julie. She enjoys gardening and reading, and is a BIG NASCAR fan! And, she likes to head even farther north (or, east) for holidays and vacations to spend time with family in Nova Scotia.

Thanks Annalee!

Portrait of Amos
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