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Yarn bombing at 104 years old? Cashmere from Kashmir? Fiber arts news

From the yarn keeps you young department104-year-old-crochet-yarn-bomber

I’d like to be yarn bombing at 104. Grace Bret makes it look pretty fun in this short video. Crochet is important to Bret, she’s a prolific crocheter and a social crocheter. She really enjoys hanging out with her young friends in her knitting group, even if they’re kids almost, not much more than half her age… in their 60’s :-)

Verified: Cashmere from Kashmir


We all know the value of something that is hand spun, and then hand knit, crocheted, or woven. We also know that many people the world over support their families with hand made goods. Here is an interesting look at a project in Kashmir to certify shawls as hand-made and pure cashmere. One way to tell? Look for the nylon. Amazingly, machines can’t weave pure cashmere – it’s just too fine. The effort is promising to protect the livelihoods of traditional shawl producers in the region, by certifying their goods as authentically hand made, and then tagging them with unique “nano-technology” ID and tracking tags. Interesting stuff, which also happens to make us want to knit with cashmere… Hint hint: Jade Sapphire Cashmere 2-ply Yarn is a Mongolian delight :-)


Jade Sapphire Cashmere 2-ply Yarn Jade Sapphire Cashmere 2-ply Yarn

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