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Crochet Downloads

50,000 Spaceships - Crocheted Ponchette Pattern Download

Stay warm in style with this unique crocheted layering piece! 50,000 Spaceships is an excellent way to pl... →more
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Crochet Felted Satchel - Pattern download

For an easy to make weekend project you can't beat Halcyon Yarn's own Felted Satchel. Our po... →more
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Crochet Rug (Felted) - Pattern download

Halcyon's oval rug looks almost like a braided rug but is so easy and so much faster. You can make on... →more
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Easy: Learn to Crochet Cowl Pattern Download

A great first project for beginning crocheters of all ages, this cowl is as easy as the name implies. Cr... →more
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Lovelight Scarf Crochet Pattern Download

Lovelight is an easy to crochet scarf for beginners and beyond! Simple single crochet stripes are finished wi... →more
0150026U • $3.00 • in‑stock

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Saddleback Cowl - Pattern Download

The Saddleback Cowl pattern is two crocheted cowls in one. These cowls are both crocheted using the same Ja... →more
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Shell Seeker Tote - Cotton Fleece or Light Weight - Pattern download

This fun two tone crocheted bag is ideal for all kinds of treasures and collections. The little ones in yo... →more
1280002U • $4.95 • in‑stock

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Ultra Twist Broomstick Lace Top - Crochet Pattern Download

The simple construction of this easy-to-crochet top makes it a great project for adventurous beginners and be... →more
0820007U • $4.95 • in‑stock

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Victorian Boucle Crochet Stole - Victorian Boucle - Pattern download

This simple yet elegant stole is easy to crochet and perfect for the symphony or a chilly evening at home. Th... →more
1630005U • $4.95 • in‑stock

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Waiting Room - Crocheted Shawl Pattern Download

Waiting Room is a simple top-down triangular crocheted shawl. An easy to remember one-row repeat takes ca... →more
0600000U • $4.95 • in‑stock

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Water's Edge Felted Crochet Rug - Seguin Collection - Pattern download

Halcyon's round rug looks almost like a braided rug but is so easy and so much faster. You can make on... →more
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