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Wool combs deserve a healthy measure of respectand not just because they are sharp and weighty. Its a big step to go from spinning commercially prepared top to making your own. But as you will discover, there is no substitute for the pleasure of spinning hand-combed top.

With this collection of articles from some the most distinguished contributors in Spin-Offs history, you can break down that step from daunting to completely doable. You can build your skills with small and inexpensive equipment such as minicombs, flickers, and even dog brushes, or dive right in with hackles and full-sized wool combs. (On second thought, no diving around the wool combs.)

Contents include:

Spinner's Question: Tools for Processing Wool

Wonderful Worsted by Iris Dozer

Wonderful Worsted II: Alternate Methods to Woolcombing by Iris Dozer

Flickering and Combinb Painted Locks by Kate Larson

Flick Carding by Sarah Anderson

Get Your Hackles Up! by Roberta Murray

Minicombs by Carol Rhoades

Spinner's Question: Combing wool and the matter of waste fiber by Rita Buchanan

Worsted Yarn: The Classic Way by Paula Shull

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Note: As some of these articles are true classics, the quality of their images is not as high as we would require today. Its still great information, so weve opted to share it with you despite the rougher edges. You may also note that not all the authors are in agreement on every point. As in all things spinning, there is a bounty of educated opinions. The only way to find your right one is to try it for yourself.

This ebook, and all of Halcyon Yarn's ebooks, are printed in full color on acid-free coated stock, saddle-stitched and ready for immediate browsing and convenient posting next to your wheel.

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