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Spinning Equipment Majacraft Aura Overdrive Head
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Majacraft Aura Overdrive Head

Majacraft has a production style head with large volume bobbins now for the Aura spinning wheel. The overdrive head makes the Aura a double drive, and the bobbin will be driven which means that even with a full bobbin it is still light and easy to spin! The bobbin volume is approximately 5 times that of a standard jumbo bobbin.

This head will go on Auras, and as an exciting addition it will also fit on modern Roses and Suzies (they must have the JCB bolt handle currently used). The implication of this is that anybody who currently owns a Majacraft wheel already has the foundation of a production spinning wheel. The head will come with a bobbin and flyer to match. Bobbins will be available separately If you are ordering you will need to specify on the order form whether it is for an Aura or Rose/Suzie style.

Please note that this item cannot be returned except in case of manufacturer defect.

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