Buffalo Plaid Dish Towel Kit - Classic Black and Green

Our Buffalo Plaid Towel Kit is a fun project in 2/1 twill for trying out two heddle, rigid heddle weaving. You can weave these on your four shaft loom using only three shafts if you'd like. It's a familiar and classic “buffalo plaid” which uses two equal color blocks Black plus Natural white, classic red, green or blue in the warp sett at 18 EPI. Folded over hems woven in 10/2 Black Pearl Cotton weft gives a clean, less bulky finish.

Floating selvedge warps maintain a consistent edge on a 4–shaft loom and are helpful when manipulating two heddles on a rigid heddle loom.

Expand your intermediate rigid heddle skills or just have fun on your four-shaft loom weaving this quick and enjoyable project.

The kit contains Homestead Cotton Warp and Weft and Pearl Cotton hem weft sufficient for three towels, plus the pattern.

Equipment needed: Rigid Heddle loom at least 20" wide with two heddle capacity and two 12 ends per inch heddles, or a 4-Shaft loom at least 20 inches wide, stick or boat shuttles.

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Buffalo Plaid Woven Dish Towel for Rigid Heddle or 4Shaft  Printed Pattern
Buffalo Plaid Woven Dish Towel for Rigid Heddle o...