Weaving Patterns Metro Bag  Victorian 2Ply and Classic Rug Wool
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Metro Bag - Victorian 2-Ply and Classic Rug Wool Weaving Pattern - Free with yarn purchase

Author: Michael Patterson
17-18" high x 12" wide

Try this fascinating weave sturcture, using a 4-shaft loom to create a “big rib” texture in a slightly felted fabric. The clear tubing handles lend a fun finish. The warp allows enough length to weave two bags. Adjust the height of the bags by changing the amount woven in rib.Makes two interesting ribbed bags inspired by Lundell's Big Book of Weaving (item # 52190300). You could also dye the fabric for each bag a different color and have a very different look.

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Related items: 4 shaft loom 20" or more wide, 10 dent reed, boat shuttle, rug, rag or stick shuttle, 1/2" clear tubing 48" long, sewing thread & machine, 4 3 inch pieces of dowel to insert in tubing for handles. Approximate Size: 17-18" high x 12" wide Pattern gauge: 10epi Yarn weight: Sport Yardage needed: Black - 1 skein, Natural - 2 skeins,

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