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Krokbragd - How to Design and Weave Weaving Book

Author: Debby Greenlaw
120 pgs. (paper, color)
ISBN number:9781796655469

Krokbragd is among the most requested techniques at Halcyon Yarn and this is a terrific resource for those with an interest - or who are ready to warp up and go! Whether you're a weaver looking for hands-on direction, or just an afficionado of Scandinavian textiles, this book is a treat.

Weavers around the world have been searching for a book that explores the delightful motifs of the Scandanavian weaving technique known as Krokbragd. This book not only brings together the traditional aspects of krokbragd it also has a fresh, contemporary approach to create stunning textiles. Each topic is supplemented with a project that allows the weaver to gain hands-on experience with the technique.

If you're looking for your next project in Halcyon Yarn Rug Wools - this is the perfect design inspiration!

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