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Leclerc 36" Shed Regulator

The SHED REGULATOR attachment for counter-balanced looms such as Leclerc "Mira" or "Fanny" allows a perfect shed on any tie-up.

It is used to regulate the height at which the shed opens for unbalanced tie-up, such as a weave of one harness against three (Bronson, Waffle, Double Weave, circular weave, etc.). Once installed, it can be used for both unbalanced and balanced tie-ups. It allows the whole set of harnesses to:

- raise when one harness lowers and three harnesses raise

- lower when three harnesses lower and one harness raises

- stay at the center when two harnesses lower and two harnesses raise.

Once installed, the regulator can be used for both unbalanced and balanced tie- ups and does not interfere with 2/2 action.

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