Schacht 25" Flip Variable Dent Rigid Heddle Reed

Now you can mix and match dents in your Schacht Flip and Cricket Looms with a variable dent reed. An assortment of rigid heddle reed sections in a variety of dents can be inserted into Schacht's special rigid heddle frame for different setts in the same reed. The variable reed is a great tool for creating different densities in a fabric, using thick and thin yarns in the warp, or sampling your favorite fibers. You'll think of lots of other uses as well. Comes with 8-5 dent, 8-8 dent, 5-10 dent and 5-12 dent sections each 2.5" wide. Additional 2.5" segments are available by special order please call or email for availability and pricing.

Item Number: 64326340
Price: $124.00


Item ships 1 - 3 bus. days. Large orders call to check avail. More Info

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