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The Stubeniutsky Code Weaving Book

Author: Marian Stubenitsky
200 pgs. (hard, color)

The principle of weaving with only one tie shaft was already discovered by Marian Stubenitsky in 2001, and thereafter developed to twill-and-basket weavings that give the possibility for bigger patterns, even on relatively few shafts. Other weavings are also presented on 4, 8 up to 32 shafts offering a range of structures: in addition to twill and basket weave also huck, seven structures in one weaving, moiré type effects, deflected double weave and related structures. English & Dutch

Everything is described and provided with drawdowns and photo’s.

The book is beautifully designed in full color with a hardcover binding

Hardcover, 229 pages, text given in both English and Dutch

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