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61" 18-dent Stainless Steel Reed for weaving looms

Our reeds are industrial quality with epoxied dents. Weavers who work or store reeds in damp should consider stainless steels reeds. There is no more thankless job than trying to remove rust from between the dents of a reed. Note reeds come in four standard lengths 26 in, 37 in, 46", and 61 in. All are 5 in high. If you need an in between length we can either special order or cut to fit. The cut to fit do not have an end bar on the cut end but are structurally sound. We can special order shorter and taller reeds as well. Stainless have a red case Carbon have black. Actual weaving width is 60.5"

Item Number: 6860018S
Price: $230.00

If you would like this reed cut, please indicate cut with in inches:

Note: Useable weaving width will be approx. 0.5 in. less than overall width due to end bar


Item ships 1 - 3 bus. days. Large orders call to check avail. More Info.