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Weaving Equipment Loome Tool  Robot Model with Muslin Bag
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Loome Tool - Robot Model (with Muslin Bag)

The Loome tool is an all-in-one, patented tool for making pom poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, cords and small weavings. Make five different types of project with one simple tool. Easy to take with you and great for kids!

Make .5" to 2.25" (1.3 to 5.7 cm) size pom poms and tassels depending on how much yarn you wind onto the tool and how much you trim down.

Stunningly simple and incredibly versatile. The perfect must-have fiber craft and DIY tool for everyone.

The wood may have variations and can brake if too much pressure is applied, handle with care.

Size: 5.10" H x 2.25" W

Weight: 1 oz

Material: Poplar

Item Number: 71030700
Price: $15.00



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Loome Party

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