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Accessories And Tools: Heddle And Reed, Threading Hooks. Weaving Equipment

Halcyon's Engraved Brass Hook for threading and sleying

Halcyons brass hook does double duty as a heddle hook and as a reed hook. The hook is 6 1/2" long, we... →more
66990000 • $10.95 • in-stock

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Halcyon's Brass Hook and Wooden Sett Tool

Buy both our Halcyon Yarn 6.5" engraved brass hook and the sett tool and save. These are two very hand... →more
6699000S • $16.95

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Ashford Double Ended Reed and Heddle Hook

Made from strong but flexible nylon, Ashford's Double Ended Reed & Heddle Hook has a slim pr... →more
68905510 • $5.40 • in-stock

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