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Halcyon Yarn, Quality and Value for Fiber Artists

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This page shows the software generated approximation of the RGB values for White Worsted Wool Warp(s) colors. These values can be useful for designing with digital software that requires color codes as input.

Please note: Due to many factors (lighting, dye lots, imaging color spaces, display gamuts, color-averaging) the color codes are approximate. If they appear close and are useful, wonderful! However, please know that the color codes are not a true representation of the yarn color.

White Worsted Wool Warp(s) color code approximations:

HY itemHY color
(old color #'s)
Vendor Itemimage / css colorR, G, BHex

( 002, 2, 002, 2 )
2plywarp W   181,175,141#b5af8d

( 003, 3, 003, 3 )
3plywarp W   177,169,133#b1a985

( 004, 4, 004, 4 )
4plywarp W   184,175,142#b8af8e