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This page shows the software generated approximation of the RGB values for Number 9 Cotton Lacing Cord colors. These values can be useful for designing with digital software that requires color codes as input.

Please note: Due to many factors (lighting, dye lots, imaging color spaces, display gamuts, color-averaging) the color codes are approximate. If they appear close and are useful, wonderful! However, please know that the color codes are not a true representation of the yarn color.

Number 9 Cotton Lacing Cord color code approximations:

HY itemHY color
(old color #'s)
Vendor Itemimage / css colorR, G, BHex

( 001, 1 )
COT178BBlack N   50,52,49#323431

( 002, 2 )
Brown N   68,59,50#443b32

( 003, 3 )
COT179Natural N   205,192,184#cdc0b8