Earthues Natural Dyes

Wonderful collections of natural dye extracts to make your yarns glow with rich and exuberant color. All products are natural and can be disposed of without risk to your environment. Each collection will dye about 40 lbs of yarn, fiber, or fabric. Also select from starter kits, individual colors, and other Earthues products below!

Earthues Kits

Earthues: Botanical Natural Dye Kit

Wanted to try natural dyeing? Here is the kit for you. The Botanical Natural dye kit contains madder, osage, cutch and logwood purple, instructions, mask and gloves and enough potassium aluminum sulfate to dye approx. 4 lbs of wool, silk, alpaca, mohair or other protein fiber.

Item Number: 8600400K $44.95

Earthues: Indigo Starter Natural Dye Kit

Want to try Indigo dyeing? Here is the kit for you. The indigo kit has enough indigo to make a 32 ounce jar of indigo stock, which is typically enough for a couple of vats.  It contains indigo, ph strips, mask, gloves, instructions, soda ash and thiourea dioxide.  It does NOT contain any lye to make the stock solution.  The customer will need to acquire that from either a hardware store or soap making supply company.

Item Number: 8600500K $44.95

Earthues Supplies and Individual Colors

Earthues Cellulose Scour

Pretreatment for cellulose fibers

Item Number: 86002100 $12.00

Earthues Citric Acid Powder

Pretreatment for cellulose fibers

Item Number: 86002300 $5.00

Earthues Dye (Chestnut - Parchment-grey)

Colors are everywhere in nature. However, to create a wide range of tints, only a few dye sources are necessary: yellows from woods and leaves, reds from roots and insects, blues from fermented leaves, and browns and purples from trees. 3 oz jars

Available in the following variants:

Add Earthues Hide Glue $9.00 86002200

Earthues Hide Glue

Pretreatment for cellulose fibers

Item Number: 86002200 $9.00

Earthues PH Indicator Strips - 10 strips

Ten testing indicator strips pH 0-14

Item Number: 86002400 $5.50

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