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Sometimes it's hard for us to keep up with the new additions of books, books and videos... But it is fun to try. Thank goodness creativity is alive and well - as evidenced by a continual stream of fantastic new media in our bookstore. Here is a snapshot - additions in the last month or so - of what has newly arrived on our loading dock. These books are hot off the press!

Halcyon is a firm believer in the power of books to inspire. Finding "just the right" book can be a fun, but challenging prospect. Here we give several options for browsing our books collection. Search from just the books collection here:

We hope you find what you're looking for (or are plesantly surprised to find something that you didn't know you were looking for). As always, call or email with questions!


Newest Books

Weaving with Echo and Iris

Absolutlely gorgeous photography and illustration. See how color and structure combine for magical and in... →more
65990510 • $75.00 • special‑order

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Janna Weaves

Janna van Ledden-Valk started weaving in 2011 and in the years that followed, she has managed to build a re... →more
65990055 • $70.00 • special‑order

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Double With a Twist

This is an in-depth study into all possible forms of deflected double weave, with different design me... →more
65990054 • $75.00 • special‑order

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The Stubeniutsky Code

The principle of weaving with only one tie shaft was already discovered by Marian Stubenitsky in 2001, and th... →more
65990053 • $75.00 • special‑order

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Weaving on 3 shafts

New, full color, hardcover edition, bilingual in Dutch and English. deRuiter has published many articles on... →more
65990052 • $65.00 • special‑order

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Lopi 30th Anniversary Book 41

Classic and contemporary Icelandic designs in a range of beautiful Istex Lopi yarns. Celebrate 30 years of hi... →more
59004410 • $50.00 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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Lopi Book 40

59004400 • $14.00 • in‑stock

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Lopi Book 38

59004380 • $14.00 • in‑stock

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Tapestry Weaving 101

Tapestry 101 is a beginning course for the person interested in learning how to weave tapestry. This book wi... →more
51094300 • $35.00 • in‑stock

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Nature's Colorways - conjuring the chemistry and culture of natural dyes

Discover astonishing sources, colors, and stories of natural dyes worldwide, from the soil beneath your fe... →more
57340200 • $24.99 • in‑stock

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Punch Needle Rug Hooking - Your Complete Resource to Learn and Love the Craft

The queen of the craft Amy Oxford offers to beginners and advanced crafters alike a one-stop resource! Th... →more
77770120 • $27.99 • in‑stock

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Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs 31

2021 ed. Premier juried collection of the years best hand-hooked rugs. ...more
77843100 • $27.95 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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Krokbragd Patterns

Krokbragd is a beautiful weft-faced Scandinavian weaving technique that yields wonderfully colorful and el... →more
52213010 • $48.00 • in‑stock

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Overshot Simply: Understanding the Weave Structure

Overshot Simply includes 38 projects to practice your skills in this iconic weaving technique. Many we... →more
53311000 • $34.95 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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52 Weeks of Socks

Who says you shouldn’t put your feet on the table? This gorgeous hardcover anthology of socks belongs fr... →more
59170500 • $51.95 • in‑stock

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Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Color and Weave Effects

Join expert weaver and teacher Tom Knisely in his exploration of Huck Lace with 576 Drafts and Samples pl... →more
53401100 • $39.95 • in‑stock

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Krokbragd - How to Design and Weave

Krokbragd is among the most requested techniques at Halcyon Yarn and this is a terrific resource for those wi... →more
52213000 • $24.99 • in‑stock

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Knitting Outside the Box: Drape and Fold

From author and designer Bristol Ivy comes the follow-up collection to her 2017 title Knitting Outside Bo... →more
59081990 • $26.50 • in‑stock

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Coffeehouse Knits

Inspired by the ritual of sipping and stitching, Coffeehouse Knits is a stimulating collection of knitwear wi... →more
59690090 • $26.99 • Ships in: 2-4 weeks

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Knitting 101 - A Workshop in a Book

Have you always wanted to learn to knit, but weren't sure where to begin? Knitting 101 is a great pl... →more
59690080 • $16.99 • in‑stock

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