Dyes & Dyeing Supplies

Halcyon Yarn offers quantity discounts on all the dyes we stock: order 8 or more jars of any type of dye and save 10%. Color cards are available for all our synthetic dyes. If you are interested in natural dying, we can special order many of the dye stuffs and mordants you need. See our book listing for many books on natural and synthetic dyes and dyeing. We have the full array of auxiliary chemicals too.

One-Step Country Classic Dyes

Country Classic Acid Dyes.  These dyes for protein fibers (wool, mohair and silk) are the easiest dyes you could ask for. Just add the dye to water, mix well, and then put in your yarn or fiber. No need for special chemicals. You can mix colors to create your own special palette. Each 1 oz reclosable jar has enough dye for 2 lbs. of yarn, fiber or fabric. See all colors here. Instructions for use.

Earthues Natural Dyes

Three wonderful collections of natural dyes to make your yarns glow with rich and exuberant color. All products are natural and can be disposed of without risk to your environment.  Click here for more information and/or to purchase

Wash Fast Acid Dyes

You can make stock solutions and mix for colors. Feeling adventurous? You can make any color with the three primary colors (#119, #338, and #440). You'll need salt and an acid (either citric acid, ammonium sulfate or vinegar). Synthrapol is also helpful. Each 1 oz jar has enough dye for approx. 1 to 2 lbs. of yarn or fiber. Wash Fast Acid Dyes also fall into the category of acid milling dyes and consequently are most suited for the protein fibers. Wash Fast Acid Dyes require a little more preparation and a few auxiliary chemicals including salt (for level dyeing), an acid such as ammonium sulfate, citric acid crystals or vinegar (to lower the pH of the dye bath so the reaction will occur) and synthrapol (for better wetting). You can add the dye powder directly to the dye bath, as you do the Country Classic Dyes, or mix stock solutions for more accurate measuring and reproduceable colors. Dyes come in 1 ounce* reclosable plastic jars. * some colors are also available in 4 ounce jars.If you're getting serious about dyeing, we suggest these for protein fibers. Order Individual Colors Here. Instructions for use.

Procion Dyes

Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes are specially formulated for cellulose fibers like cotton, linen, ramie and rayon. They also work well on silk. They are considered “cold water ” dyes because they react with the cellulose fibers at 90ºF – making them great for solar dyeing, tie dyeing and batik. As for auxiliary chemicals, all you need is salt and soda ash. Synthrapol is optional but very helpful for rinsing excess dye out of your project. Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes can also be used on protein fibers but you need different auxiliaries and the dye bath must be simmered. See the book Hands On Dyeing (#5707) for more information on using Procion dyes. Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes are available in 41 colors and come in 4/5 ounce reclosable plastic jars. Each jar contains enough dye for 3 to 5 pounds of fiber, yarn or fabric. Instructions for use.

6-color Wash Fast Acid Dye Sampler GKSWFA

The Wash Fast Acid Dye Sampler kit includes: half ounce jars of yellow, orange, magenta, blue, navy and black dye; 2 oz ammonium sulfate, 1 oz synthrapol and complete instructions.

Item Number: 8400000S.
Price: $19.50/ea.
Typically ships in 1-3 business days

Procion Color Wheel Kit GKSCOWH

Procion Color Wheel Kit

There’s no better way to learn about color theory than to get the dyes out and experiment. Once the basics are mastered, knitters, weavers and quilters will enjoy custom dyeing their materials. Color Wheel Kit includes four colors of Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes (yellow, red, blue and black 12gr each), PRO Dye Activator, synthrapol and complete instructions. You supply the cotton yarn or fabric. Kit will dye 3-4 yds of muslin, or 8 yds of China Silk, or 3 medium t-shirts, or 1 sweatshirt.

Item Number: 8200010K.
Price: $15.95/ea.

Item typically ships 1 - 3 bus. days. Large orders call to check avail. More Info

Earthues Citric Acid Powder

Pretreatment for cellulose fibers

Item Number: 86002300.
Price: $5.00/ea.

Item typically ships 1 - 3 bus. days. Large orders call to check avail. More Info

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